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Members of Starkist Samoa’s Finance Department
Members of Starkist Samoa’s Finance Department kept the judges and employees entertained during their mixed song compilation that won them the Starkist’s 60th Anniversary Singing Contest on Thursday, March 16, 2023. Dubbed Charlie Survivors, the all-men group won a $600 cash prize and 60 cases of...
Canopy Walkway in the Falealupo Rainforest Preserve,
Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The Samoa Tourism Authority has compiled a guide to “Samoa's Best Walking Trails.” When most people think of a tropical island holiday in places like Samoa, they often think of lying on a beach, waving palm trees and perhaps a bit of snorkeling. However while all this is...
First Lady Ella Perefoti Mauga cutting ribbon
First Lady Ella Perefoti Mauga did the honors of cutting the ribbon opening the Apron Rehabilitation Project this week. Read story elsewhere in this issue. [ASG photo]
proposed expansion of NMS around Remote Paciffic Islands
Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Uifa’atali Amata is raising urgent concerns about President Biden’s initiation of an enormous new National Marine Sanctuary (NMS) for 777,000 square miles around the Pacific Remote Islands. She questions why the administration made no effort to discuss this issue...
Kristi Baxton, Legal Counsel for the Governor’s Office, greets Senator Fonoti Tafaifa Aufata
Kristi Baxton, Legal Counsel for the Governor’s Office, greets Senator Fonoti Tafaifa Aufata at the conclusion of a Senate hearing. This captures a moment between women in government here in American Samoa during Women’s History Month being celebrated this month. [photo: Oey Ameperosa]
LBJ Tropical Medical Center’s Procurement staff
It’s Procurement Week. LBJ Tropical Medical Center’s Procurement Division is celebrating Procurement Week with luncheons and dinner for the staff while diligently addressing the needs of the hospital and people of American Samoa. [photo: fa’aTalanoa Media]
Car passes crosswalk with faded paint
O lo’o manino i le ata lea a le Samoa News, ua le olaola le laina i le vaega lea o le alatele i Utulei, e fa’ailoga ai le ala savali mo le lautele e fia kolosi mai le isi itu o le auala i le isi itu. Ua talosaga le Maota Maualuga i le Matagaluega o Galuega Lautele a le malo ina ia avea le fa’...
Manumalo team hurrah
Manumalo Baptist High School during a team hurrah in a game where Manumalo defeated Samoana 61 - 47. [photo: Charity Faatau]
new school bus on trailer
One of 4 brand new school buses that arrived in the territory on Wednesday evening. The arrival of the new school buses will alleviate the lack of transportation for DOE students mainly in the Eastern District. [photo: Oey Ameperosa]
Samoan Fa'afafine Association
Nashville, TENNESSEE — Tennessee recently passed legislation that bans drag from being performed in public spaces, as well as in the view of children. Although Tennessee is the first state to enact such a ban, it is unlikely to be the last, as others with conservative legislatures are currently...