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Pre-pageant drama over Miss Samoa rules settled by organizers

S.E.I. Chairperson Laeimau Oketevi Tanuvsa. [Samoa Observer]

With the Miss Samoa Pageant still to be staged next month, the Samoa Events Inc (S.E.I.) has already had to deal with a pre pageant drama out of Australia.

An incomplete application from Miss Samoa Victoria Beauty Pageant for a Miss Adele Fa’aosofia to S.E.I. did not meet the requirements or adhere to the rules of the pageant and was duly rejected.

Miss Fa’aosofia was then sponsored by another group, Miss Samoa Victoria Inc which meticulously followed the pageant rules and sent in an application which was accepted by S.E.I.

The original group, Miss Samoa Victoria Beauty Pageant has since lawyered up and appealed for reconsideration of S.E.I’s decision.      

However the Samoa Events Inc (S.E.I.) in charge of the Miss Samoa Inc. Pageant stands by their decision. 

They have rejected a second application from the Miss Samoa Victoria Beauty Pageant group out of Australia for their candidate to participate in the upcoming Miss Samoa 2017.

It was for “certain reasons”, they said. 

This is according to Samoa Events Inc Attorney, Fagaloa Tufuga, in response to the Samoa Observer questions.

Fagaloa made it clear that while Adele Fa’aosofia, a confirmed contestant was initially with Miss Samoa Victoria Beauty Pageant, she is now represented by Miss Samoa Victoria Inc (dba Victoria Samoa Advisory Council Incorporation).

According to Fagaloa, S.E.I. granted their application given that they met all of the requirements. 

Fagaloa said: “My client maintains all participants have been dealt with and managed professionally in accordance with the rules. 

“And they are looking forward to hosting yet another successful Samoa Beauty Pageant.” 

Meanwhile, the Miss Samoa Victoria Beauty Pageant has also retained an attorney who had since appealed to S.E.I. chairperson, Laeimau Oketevi Tanuvsa to reconsider their decision.

However it has been to no avail. 

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