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Marne Soldiers of Fort Stewart

 LTC Jeremiah OConnor, Battalion Commander of the 87th COMPOSITE SUSTAINMENT SUPPLY BATTALION OF THE 3RD SUSTAINMENT BRIGADE of 3ID, Fort.Stewart is pictured with Congresswoman Aumua Amata Radewagen and Mrs. Mary Britton, the wife of COL. Britton, 3rd Sustainment Brigade Commander after Mrs. Britton presented the Congresswoman with a welcoming gift of friendship from the Marne Soldiers and 3SB and a gift of friendship between the congresswoman and Fort Stewart.  [courtesy photo]

Fort Stewart, GEORGIA — Congresswoman Aumua Amata Radewagen visited Fort Stewart, Georgia yesterday (04/29/2018) in her capacity as a member of the Veterans' Affairs subcommittee on Health and the Natural Resources subcommittee on Insular and Indian Affairs. Aumua was on a fact-finding visit to several VA hospitals and Indian reservations as well as visiting with Samoan families and soldiers along the way — starting from Fort Lee, Virginia all the down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  The Congresswoman is traveling with her husband Mr. Fred Radewagen and yesterday had a very informative visit with the Marne Soldiers of Fort Stewart.

Congresswoman Radewagen was greeted and welcomed by 3SB, 87Th CSSB Commander LTC Jeremiah OConnor, 3SB COL Britton’s wife Mrs. Mary Britton, 87TH CSSB CHAPLAIN CPT Aotwi, 2LT Murphy along with the Samoan soldiers and their families in and around the 3ID.

The Congresswoman spent time in an intimate sit down, where all attendees of the event sat in a circle around the Congresswoman Amata and had a very healthy discussion with questions and concerns voiced from the soldiers and family members.

May God Continue to bless you Congresswoman Amata and your hard work as you continue to serve the people of American Samoa and the American People as a whole.

Special thanks to the planning and welcoming committee for a job well done — 1LT Ted Kostich Jr., 2LT Murphy, 1SG Antoine Smith, Spc Arrianna Auvaa and PV2 Brandon Jimenez of the 87th CSSB, HHC.