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Dear Editor,

On Wednesday, May 23, I took my nephews and niece to the Pala Lagoon Swim Center. We arrived shortly after 4pm so we knew we had just enough time to squeeze in some fun in the sun while being mindful of the time. 

We enjoyed our day as one of our very own had surpassed requirements from the ‘Kinder’ level earlier that morning. While our day at the pool was coming to an end, we were forced to deal with a situation that could have been avoided. 

It was 5:49pm when I noticed a lady roughly splashing water onto my nephew’s face.  (My nephew is 6 years old and responds differently than other kids.) While splashing him, she began to "shoo-shoo" him as if he was her pet dog or mouse.  

I approached this lady and voiced a concern of disappointment in regards to her actions. Her response was that “the pool closes early before 6 for cleaning... so if you could please be so kind to get your kids out of the water and get out.” 

I was LIVID.  

I understand that the pool is closed at 5:30 yet facilities remain open until 6pm.  However, there are no signs or notices to advise exactly that. It says Pool Open from __am to 6pm.  

I find out later that this lady is none other than the Pool Center’s Swim Instructor, Miss Patty Green. 

SHAME ON YOU, Miss Green!

You should not be allowed another opportunity to be around children let alone instruct them in any matter. Your demeanor that day was inappropriate, uncalled for, and abrupt. As an instructor myself, one must learn how to be more patient with different capabilities. You deal with different personalities on a daily basis. 

Miss Green, I do not expect an apology because after that day, it was clear that you obviously thought you did nothing wrong. Miss Green, I do not expect any commendations for making this public. However, what I do expect is a little bit of humility. 

I am sure you are a wonderful human being. Unfortunately I did not witness that on Wednesday, May 23. Your actions will not stop me from future visits to the Swimming Center. However it will stop me from allowing any future mishaps with any of my nephews and nieces I bring to the center.  

Thank You and Soifua,

Mrs. Faata'ita'i