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Fagatogo Blues say they can finish at top

The second appearance of the Fagatogo Blues Rugby Team will be showcased this year during the 2nd Annual TMO Marist Pago 7’s Tournament. According to team vice president Fidelis Leasiolagi, “the Blues are ready to play, it doesn’t matter who it is, and it doesn’t matter what field we’re playing on, Fagatogo is prepared to finish at the top this year.”


Leasiolagi, said, “Fagatogo has been preparing and practicing for quite a while for this tournament from when we first heard about the second tourney. As a representative of our team, we don’t have much to say, the Blues will accept any challenge no matter what day it is, no matter where it’s at, the Blues are always prepared.”


He added, “as to our preparations, we are probably similar to all the other teams in this tournament, and that is to play for the 1st place winner of the tourney, but as to me and my young brothers coaching the team, the belief in us and our staff is that the Blues will bring it home this year.”


According to Leasiolagi, the Blues haven’t selected their best twelve players yet, due to the skills of the athletes. “As of now, we have twenty eight players running with our team right now, and we are having a hard time trying to decide, because majority of these players are all experienced players.”


He explained, “we have no new players on our team, these are the same players we had a couple years back, and this is the same squad that is fighting for these twelve spots on our team to see who will represent the village of Fagatogo in this year’s TMO 7’s tournament.”


Leasiolagi told Samoa News that the Blues began practice by looking for their strength, before they started out with stamina and conditioning. “We started out by strength training in the beginning, then later on, we blended everything together including speed, mental awareness as well as spiritual bonding between our players.”


He noted, “we are probably one of the latest teams to start practice. Some of our players were mostly occupied with church activities, and Easter programs, but we just literally started rolling the ball now that everyone is back in check with what we are aiming for.”


He mentioned to Samoa News that Fagatogo Blue’s goal this year going into the TMO Pago 7’s Tournament, is to have proud players and for everyone to keep the peace within the tournament. “The top priority that we have in mind right now is keeping the peace, not only within our team, but between our team and some of the teams who will be part of this year’s tournament.”


Leasiolagi concluded, “We want to thank the village of Fagatogo for believing in us and for letting us represent our village during local and international competitions like these. We would also like to thank our families here in the village for their strong support, as well as the ministers of the churches in the village for their prayers.”