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A banner seen on the east-side of the Island, asks voters who will hit the polls today for a special election for District #5, Sua#1, to vote for a faipule, replacing Puleielite Li’a Tufele, Jr., who left the House seat to take up the position of CEO of the American Samoa Tele Communications Authority.  [photo: courtesy]

Fagaitua Forum, Sua District #1 was held on Friday, Oct. 19, 2017 on the Eastside. These were possible questions for students to ask the 6 six candidates; but, they were never asked:

1.        Why should we vote for you?

2.        If elected, where will your office be located?

3.        Will you respond to questions sent by constituents? (email, fax, landline, or cell phone). Do you have a Facebook account?

4.        If elected, do you have ay idea what committees the Speaker will appoint you to?

5.        It is alleged the Speaker does not want House Fono Hearings aired on the Radio or on our government funded Television (KVZK TV). Due to the known fact the Speaker wields a lot of power and influence over all faipule, will you stand up to him and make attempts on behalf of voters to push for coverage of Fono Hearings on radio or TV - or both? Yes or No.

6.        What is your highest level of academic education? What work experience do you have to our elected faipule?

7.        Every September the Fono reviews the next fiscal year budget, calling in directors in the Executive Branch to answer questions on funds their department requests for the new fiscal year. Question: Who is ever allowed to question the Fono’s budget?

8.        Would you care to comment on all the House employees job titles and salaries list in the Samoa News? (How many ghost employees are there now that there is no Fono building?) Where do the listed employees now allegedly work?

9.        If elected, what is your position on the votes of the territory changing the Constitution, authorizing the Fono to over-ride a governor’s veto?

10.      If elected will you take over committee positions held by Puleielite or will the Speaker possibly appoint you to different Fono committees, if any?

The special election is being held today; and Samoa News offers the voters of District #1 a ‘once over’ of questions that could make a difference with how they vote…. GONG!

Let’s stop electing the same mental attitude to the Fono — let’s “DRAIN THE SWAMP”! AND I’M A DEMOCRAT… GONG!