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American Samoa prepares for potential US government shutdown

Lt. Gov. Talauega E.V. Ale
Source: RNZ Pacific

Pago Page, AMERICAN SAMOA — The American Samoa government is preparing in case of a US federal government shutdown on October 1, 2023.

The Lt. Gov. Talauega E.V. Ale in his capacity as acting governor says with federal funds playing a significant role in the territory's funding and cash flow, critical action needs to be taken.

He says each director has been asked to provide a detailed plan on how their department's operations would continue in the event of a federal government shutdown.

This plan needs to address the total number of federally funded personnel, the federal funds required for the monthly payroll, and the federal funds required to administer and operate the departments' programs.

Talauega also wants an estimate of how long the current federal funds can support payroll and operations if the shutdown goes ahead.

The directors have been told to work with the Treasury, Budget, Human Resources, and their federal grant partners to develop their departmental plan.