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 Tarrence Penitani and Isalei Liaiga
JROTC members Tarrence Penitani and Isalei Liaiga served as Santa and Mrs. Claus during distribution of gifts by Tafuna High JROTC members who spread holiday cheer with their Service Learning Project — a Christmas Toy Drive. Read story in this issue. [courtesy photo]
East Lansing, MICHIGAN — The holiday season is upon us, and with it, opportunities to indulge in festive treats. The proverbial saying “you eat with your eyes first” seems particularly relevant at this time of year. The science behind eating behavior, however, reveals that the process of deciding...
Seniors celebrate the season
Seniors dance and enjoy the annual Territorial Administration on Aging (TAOA) Christmas Program that was at the DYWA Center in Tafuna. As we reflect on this memorable day, let it serve as a reminder of the profound impact that kindness and generosity can have on the lives of those we hold dear. May...
Leone High School christmas party
O le a a o le aso Toonai, Tesema 16, 2023, na faataunuuina ai le pati a le o sa o aoga, faiaoga ma le aufaigaluega a le aoga maualuga a Leone, i le DDW i Utulei. [ata foai]
by painter John William Waterhouse
Morgantown, WV — King Herod will sound familiar to anyone who’s heard the Christmas story. King of Judea when Jesus of Nazareth was born, the ruler attempts to find and kill the baby after hearing that the “King of the Jews” has just been born. Tricked by the Magi, the wise men whom Herod had sent...
moli emoemo o le Kerisimasi
O se va’aiga matagofie i moli emoemo o le Kerisimasi, e pei ona teuteuina ai le malumalu a le Ekalesia Metotisi i Fagaima, le “Ave o le Fetu Ao”, lea o lo’o avea ma fiafiaga sili i fanau i vaitaimi o le Kerisimasi i tausaga taitasi. [ata foai]
champaign botttle
Columbus, OHIO — How much alcohol do you typically drink in a week? A month? A year? Did your answer take into account how much you drink on New Year’s Eve? On Christmas? During the Super Bowl or World Cup? When researchers compare how much alcohol is sold to how much people say they drink, alcohol...
doe carolers
American Samoa Dept. of Education carolers after their performance on the final night of the ASG Christmas Caroling that took place at the Veterans Memorial in Tafuna. [ASG photo]
3D Prevention and Enforcement Month
In the spirit of 3D Prevention and Enforcement Month, on Monday, December 11, 2023, the DPS and Office of Highway Safety took to the road with a “wave” in Tafuna — along the highway in front of the McDonald’s restaurant — reminding the public to make good choices during these holidays. Placards...
ASCC staff performing at caroling event
The American Samoa Council on Arts, Culture, and Humanities 46th Annual Holiday Music Festival, with all government departments, agencies, offices, and authorities showcased their festive spirit for 3 days of ASG Christmas Caroling at the Veterans Monument Center field. The general public was...