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During airport tour, lawmakers find loopholes in mandatory quarantine for visitors

Woman being screened at a Hawaii airport
Source: Hawaii News Now

Honolulu, HAWAII — Hawaii State senators on Friday saw firsthand the efforts to try to discourage tourists from breaking quarantine.

The group toured Honolulu’s airport one day after grilling the deputy director of the Transportation Department about not doing enough to keep visitors inside their hotel rooms for the required 14 days.

The senators were there as flights arrived.

They witnessed the screening process, which includes temperature checks, phone verification process, and requires each visitor sign forms explaining that they could be arrested if they break the rules.

State Sen. Donna Mercado Kim pointed out a problem with that.

“They just sign. They’re not even reading what they’re signing,” she said, adding that the Hawaii Tourism Authority should add a verbal agreement instead of just requiring the signature.
State Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz said one loophole was particularly concerning.

“The amount of visitors that are coming through and are not staying the 14 days. They have a hotel reservations but the hotel reservation is only for one night,” he said.

Dela Cruz said that makes it difficult for the tourism authority to keep track of them after that first night.

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