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Dear Editor,

It takes a lot of patience dedication, and hard work to reach the top of one’s profession. Acting Director of HR Lynn Pulou-Alaimalo has been with Department of Human Resources for 3 years, having worked and traveled extensively for 15 years.

Her success has earned her the title of “Acting Director of the HR Office” and rightly so because she's currently undertaking her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership, she attended two years in Concord Law School and has a Masters in Public Administration from University of Phoenix, with 15 years of relevant experience in different areas. Her long list of achievements has earned her the prestigious Society of Excellence Award.  Lynn is recognized as a unique voice for American Samoa Women, paving the way to empower and encourage younger women and girls to be independent and well motivated to educate others in the future.

Lynn hails from the village of Laulii, American Samoa, where she built her home and family since 1980. Lynn attributes her success to her parents, her late father and her mother, and her extended family, the place which she refers to as “a paradise”. Lynn is also familiar with the culture, lovely beaches and, of course the PEOPLE.

Serving in the military is one of the noblest ways to serve one’s country. Those who enter need not really be the combative kind as there are other venues that qualify them as military personnel. Lynn Pulou-Alaimalo has done it ALL.

Lynn is an inspiration to others and she has high hopes for success in all aspects of life.  She is honest and she loves the people of American Samoa. She will be a great Leader to help our people and serve the community with LOVE and COMPASSION.

Below are a number of letters from her co-workers supporting her nomination. 


It was my pleasure working with Mrs. Lynn Alaimalo.

I have known Lynn for almost two years. When I came from my vacation off-island, Lynn was already working for HR at the classification area and it was just a simple hi and hello until she moved to our contract area.  I am not a easy person to please and my demands are often quite particular but, my mind was put at ease when Lynn brought with her a unique perspective and her meticulous work ethics, it was something to take advantage of and I did.  I have open to hearing her thoughts of talents she brought and truly embrace every possibility and potential.  When we have our little moments, she provided her insights.  She displays active communication skills and transparency and built trust among our contract staff and improve moral.  Lynn has a positive attitude, responsible and liable with her personal connection with people.

She is a great listener and authentically interested in other people. She’s a people person, always willing to help and reach out to whoever is in need. Lynn has unlimited patience with clients and her devotion to customer service does not go unnoticed.  I’ve always provided Lynn with a list of task to be completed and she works so diligently that she often goes above and beyond what I ask of her.  She has demonstrates tremendous strength and stamina.

Lynn is very loyal and trustworthy and a great team player.  She‘s creative, motivated and has a keen eye for detail.  She will be an effective leader who understands her own strength and weakness and she will connect with her DHR team with an open communication. I wish her well and I am confident she will be successful in her new role and happy to support her in any way.


Sina Peau, DHR Contract Manager


I have known Lynn Alaimalo in a Variety of Capacities for many years. She has been a classmate of mine since grade school. She has also been a co-worker of mine here at DHR Employee Contracts Division for the past year. Lynn is efficient, detail-oriented, and extremely competent.

She often successfully finishes tasks and proceeds to help others finish their tasks. She is extremely well at working and communicating with others.

Lynn Alaimalo has an excellent rapport with people in our division. She has taught others in our division and helped our division become successful.

Her excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) allow her to connect with all kinds of people and to inspire them to put for their best effort.

In summary, I highly recommend Lynn Alaimalo for any position or endeavor that she may seek to pursue. She will be a valuable asset for the Department of 

Human Resources as well as the American Samoa Government as a whole.


DHR co-worker


I’ve known Director Alaimalo as Lynn.

Lynn, who was willing to help anyone without hesitation. She was such an open book, and she would help anyone that would come up to her. Her personality speaks itself and it inspired me because it was a reflection of who she really was on the inside. When I first started working at DHR, I had no one to talk to, but Lynn’s help has been invaluable to me. I don’t know how I would manage without her help, assistance, company, and support. High standards level and the age difference wasn’t a problem too her. Making sure that I fit in comfortably, shared, and offered multiple bits of help was not something she would do, it was something that's always been a part of her with love, grace, and gratitude.

Being Honest, Humble, Genuine, and Trustworthy starts with trust. There is nothing more I honor more than honesty. And from the start, I’ve always trust Director Lynn’s instincts, her personality, and her motives. I've always wanted to work in an environment that gave employees the room of feeling happy, give confidence in their people, and freedom to do what is right.

 Lynn understands how to encourage the heart, delegate effectively, and still keep our intrapreneurial spirit alive and thriving! We need to be willing to give trust and count on people in order to get trust back! I trust and believe in what I see, actions that speak louder, and the courage and bravery of a heart that stands tall for its people. Lynn Alaimalo will become a GREAT leader for the Dept of Human Resources :)

Lynn Alaimalo being a Director is the biggest improvement to our department due to I know that she should be the right person to lead our department. I have known Lynn as a co-worker for 2 and a half year. She speaks her mind, she helps people out, she also encourages people to do the right things. I know Lynn is a very smart person and I know that her being a director is not a mistake at all. If needed more about her feel free to see me in person. 

Thank you Director

DHR co-worker


Lynn was one of a few people that greeted and welcomed me friendly on my first day in the office of the Department of Human Resources on August 20th, 2018. Simple acts of kindness such as sharing a few stationeries (pens, staples, highlighters, etc) is still remembered and acknowledged (the white floral cup she put them all in is still on my desk and in use). Though I do not know Lynn personally, what I do know is that she's brave, bold, helpful, kind. reliable and a God-fearing woman. She lives up to her values, morals, principles and standards and leaves great impacts on people's lives. 

Honest Leader is what we need

Things that I like about Lynn:

Firstly, she has a very spontaneous attitude...with her pinty trying to see eyes, very into her own world at times but talks very highly of others. 

Secondly, she stands tall with pride and respect for others and ALWAYS ALWAYS  HELPS THE PEOPLE...

I say this in this way. I remember her telling me that when she see's the public outside their contract window, nobody gets up to serve, but she does ALWAYS .she likes to help people and also, when she worked with me on the DOH employees contracts, she ALWAYS finds ways no matter if it is not the right account or date, she FINDS A WAY to get them paid.

I laugh at this many times because I NEVER KNEW one day she will become my is good though because we need MAJOR CHANGES and I know with Lynn as Our director, she will make this happen with our Deputy Max.

PLEASE confirm Mrs. Lynn Alaimalo as our new Director. WE NEED CHANGE..


DHR co-worker


I have known Lynn Pulou-Alaimalo since she started with the Department of Human Resources. She is very helpful to anyone who seeks her help. Lynn is not a boastful person, but rather has a positive attitude. One of the things I admire most about Lynn, is that she is distinctively intelligent and a great communicator. 

Director: Psalms 136:26 " Give thanks to God of heaven. His love endures forever"

Listed below please find our remarks for our DHR Director Lynn for the WIOA STAFF

*  Director Lynn is an exemplary leader who puts people first before herself;

*  Director Lynn expresses love in her kind gestures and greetings every day;

*  Director Lynn bold and courageous yet humble and cheerful

*  Director Lynn a woman of virtue and justified her words with actions

Since Director Lynn became our Acting Director, we will always support her mission and goals.

Thank you

DHR co-worker


Lynn as I know she is the one person that will lend a helping hand when you need it She is kind and honest, she is the one person that I would go to when I need help. She is an intelligent woman and knows her work. She will always be the go get of our department, she’s strong and she holds a steady head over her shoulders.

Thank you

DHR co-worker


Despite all the negative feedbacks about Lynn, she has held her head up high with high spirit. She has a positive attitude towards those that have wrongfully accused her. She is a humble and a positive, motivated leader. She has set high standards for those around her. She is a great leader so far since she has been in office. She will do and accomplish great things.

Go with God Director

DHR co-worker


My thoughts about acting Director Lynn, We need change in the HR department, she's the perfect candidate for the job. 

She's very helpful and always stays on top of what needs to be done. Looking forward to working under her leadership. She is a thoughtful Leader and she loves the people.

Thank you

DHR co-worker

Letters submitted by,

Silika Young-Similai


Personnel staff

Janice, Liupapa, Mena, Leilani, Orlando

Tasha, Cyndi, Hermia, Sina, Carol

The WIOA staff:

Grace, Su'e, Bert, Falo, Lotu, Angel, Tasi and Maepa

PUA Division


Workmen Compensation



Eseta, Delvina


Afega, Mele


Chanaia, Sherry

Directors office

Max Tuitele, Silika Young-Similai