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Tsunami Warning for Am Samoa

Location of earthqakes in Pacific Warning Center image

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) in Hawaii issued around 8:40a.m. American Samoa time, a tsunami warning for American Samoa.

The warning is the result of a preliminary magnitude 8.0 earthquake in the Kermadec Islands region around 8:28a.m. today.

PTWC says a hazardous tsunami may have been generated by this quake that would soon impact nearby coast. And monitoring is underway to evaluate the tsunami threat. It says that the first wave activity is to arrive around 10:19 a.m. in American Samoa today.

Based on all available data, PTWC says there is a threat of hazardous tsunami waves impacting low-lying coastal areas in American Samoa.

Persons located in low-lying areas along coasts of all American Samoa should move immediately inland or to higher ground.

The public is advised not to return to evacuated areas until the all clear is given by local authorities.