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In a reverse of the usual, woman allegedly trIes to pick a fight with her husband

Territorial Correctional Facility, TCF

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Vaitui Tavu'i's pre-trial conference is set for January 30, 2019.

"You've been here before. If you don't want to stay home, go ahead and violate the terms of your probation."

These were the words of District Court Judge Fiti Sunia yesterday morning when Vaitu'i Tavu'i appeared before him.

Tavu'i is being charged with public peace disturbance and endangering the welfare of a child, for an incident that occurred on Christmas Eve in Faga'itua.

According to the criminal complaint, Tavu'i's son contacted police for assistance, saying his mom was disturbing the neighbors, and that she was yelling at him, his dad, and his grandma.

Tavu'i was allegedly trying to pick a fight with her husband.

When cops arrived, the defendant was outside the house yelling at her son. Cops say her speech was slurred and she told them that she was only trying to help her husband up, as he is sick and can't walk.

The criminal complaint notes that Tavu'i had "no balance," she was "stumbling around," and investigators could smell alcohol on her.

When police asked the defendant's son what happened, Tavu'i became aggressive towards the boy. He told investigators that his mom had been drinking, was yelling profanities at him, his dad, and his grandma, and she was throwing things around in the house.

Officers were informed that this isn't the first time Tavu'i has done this, as she just completed probation for a PPD in October 2018.

Samoa News understands that immediately after the boy spoke to police, Tavu'i tried to run back into the house. She asked the cops if she could go back in to talk to her husband.

When the officers asked Tavu'i to go with them to the police station, so they can get her away from the situation, Tavu'i allegedly got aggressive and started resisting.

She was eventually transported to the police station for booking.

On the way there, it is alleged that she started yelling profanities at one of the cops and threatened to kill him when she gets out of jail.

She also allegedly tried to bribe the cops with money, food, and cigarettes if they would let her go.

Judge Sunia released Tavu'i on her own recognizance yesterday, and warned her that she must maintain the peace in her home, and remain alcohol and drug free. She is subjected to random testing.