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Relief is on the way for local pet owners, animal lovers — vet coming

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US certified veterinarian will be here next week

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — In response to numerous complaints about the local DOA animal clinic’s lack of medication and a US-certified vet, the Alofa Mo Meaola non-profit group is bringing Dr. Melissa Shaw to American Samoa to conduct surgeries and health checks for dogs and cats.

Dr. Shaw, a US certified veterinarian from Kauai will arrive next Monday, Oct. 28th and will be here until Nov. 11th. “While here, Dr. Shaw will be performing surgeries and health checks” at a venue yet to be confirmed, said Alofa Mo Meaola co-founder Mona King.

The services will not be free. “There will be a charge,” King explained, adding that the fees are not confirmed, and they will be based partly on the amount of donations collected.

“This is an emergency situation and we have to bring her down,” King continued. She said Dr. Shaw is bringing flea and tick medication, dewormers, and other items that pet owners can purchase.

The surgeries and health checks will be conducted from morning to early evening hours. There will be spay and neutering services, and any health concerns can be addressed.

King said last Friday that they are in need of donations, including old towels; and medical supplies like gauze and tape. Monetary donations through PayPal are also accepted. ( is the PayPal donation email)

An order totaling $4,000 needs to be placed Monday, Oct. 21st and King spent her weekend trying to solicit for help. Donations of Hawaiian Airlines miles are also being sought, as this was how Alofa Mo Meaola was able to purchase a ticket for Dr. Shaw.

Pet owners wanting to set appointments can do so by calling Mona King at 258-2269.


Owner of local business, A-T Pet Supplies, Tanya Tarasawa, continues to try to save small animals in the territory, which also involves doing what she can to help injured ones after 4 p.m.

She works at the local ASG veterinary clinic during the day, Monday- Friday (7:30 a.m- 4 p.m), and then puts on her ‘A-T Pet Supplies cap’ in the evening — to help animals.

This dog was sitting in a puddle of water for two days in front of a store, when Tanya got numerous calls about a ‘dying’ dog that had been hit by a vehicle. The dog is currently home with Tanya as she tries to nurse it back to health, and then hopefully find a loving owner for it.

Right now, as reported by Samoa News, the ASG vet clinic has stopped accepting small animals — dogs & cats — to treat, as there is no medicine available, nor is there a US certified veterinarian or animal doctor on island.

As you read above, there is some help on the way.

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