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Hope Dialysis Center passes CMS inspection and is fully certified — meeting U.S. standards

A Hope Dialysis Center treatment room.
SOURCE: Hope Dialysis Center media release

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Hope Dialysis Center, the territory’s first private dialysis facility, has passed the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services inspection, meeting US standards and protocols.

The center in Vaitogi was inspected Monday through Thursday this past week by the National Dialysis Accreditation Commission a firm licenses by CMS to inspect and certify health facilities.

Chris Fisher, Managing Director said, “This is wonderful news for the territory. We’ve been able to build a center that meets the expectations of CMS which are at a high standard, and we are proud to serve the local people that need treatment by providing the best care available.”

The center which opened in September with 12 beds is led by Board Certified Nephrologist Dr Jean Letarte and Facility Administrator Mandy Alo.

Fisher said, “We’ve been really happy with the growth of the organization and have found the most qualified staff on the island. Now we can focus on expansion and opening our Chronic Kidney Disease practice, so we can treat anyone with Type 2 diabetes and later stages of kidney disease to ensure they wont need dialysis in the future.”

Dr. Letarte will head the CKD clinic with dietitian Ali Williams, Master Social Worker Julia Foifua and facility administrator Mandy Alo who are available for all patients on island free of charge.

According to Fisher they are almost full and their  patients are primarily from off-island.

He said they have some local patients residing on the west side who were t transferred from LBJ Hospital.

Hope Dialysis Center will be adding another shift and expanding to meet the local demand so there will  always be  availability for new patients.

Fisher pointed out that every patient at Hope Dialysis Center has a scheduled appointment time with no wait.

Every patient sees a dietitian as well as a nephrologist and a social worker on most visits. As a result, their patients are improving and proof of that is seen in the patient’s blood work and from their feedback.

Hope Dialysis Center is focused on the prevention of Type 2 diabetes and the progression of the disease, which can cause Alzheimers, stroke, blindness, heart disease, and foot problems. Anyone can schedule an appointment to be examined for Type 2 diabetes or for Stages 3 kidney disease and above.

Anyone that is experiencing frequent urination, increased thirst, always feeling hungry, feeling very tired, blurry vision, slow healing of cuts and wounds, tingling, numbness, or pain in the hands and feet, patches of dark skin, and swelling in the ankles should schedule an appointment immediately for an exam. These symptoms can be treated with medication and dietary advice that will slow or stop the progression of the disease.

Hope Dialysis Center is located in Vaitogi and is open from 7AM to 5PM. The phone number is 699- 5557.