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COVID Task Force: Half of territory’s eligible population now vaccinated

COVID-19 Task Force members at Fono
Source: Homeland Security media release

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — More than half of American Samoa’s population, who are eligible to get a COVID vaccination are now fully vaccinated, having completed their two-shot regimen. This is one of the announcements at the meeting of the Task Force held this week at the Department of Homeland Security Emergency Operations Center (EOC). 

The Department of Health – the government entity spearheading the territory’s vaccination efforts – hopes to vaccinate most if not all of the American Samoa’s eligible population of 33,206. Individuals, who are eligible to get vaccinated, are those of the age of 16 and up.

As of April 20th, DOH data shows that 19,977 or 60.2% of the eligible population has received at least one shot of either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.  Of that number, 16,696 or 50.3% have completed their two-shot vaccinations.

The older age groups, those at high risk for severe illness with COVID-19, are leading the vaccination numbers. 66.1% of the 41-50 age group; 65% of the 51-60 group; and 66.2% of those ages 61 and older – have completed both shots. The percentage for those fully vaccinated in other age groups are: 49.8% for the 31-40 year olds; 31.6% of the 16-20 year olds; and 29.6% of the 21-30 age group. 

According to DOH data presented at the Task Force meeting, a total of 1,392 people got their COVID shots between April 12th and the 16th. Most of them were for people receiving their first shot.

Of those vaccinated last week, 324 were employees of Starkist Samoa, where a vaccination outreach was held on Apr. 13th; 63 were workers of Paramount Builders, who were vaccinated on Apr. 16th2; and, 35 people living in Manu’a also got a COVID vaccination during a DOH outreach held on the island group.


The 4th repatriation flight, which is scheduled for next month, is looking to bring home some 260 passengers. The Task Force is finalizing the passenger list and will be reaching out to passengers this week. 

The location of the quarantine site for the 4th repatriation remains at the Ohana Waikiki East Hotel.

Payment for the repat flights are done at the ASG Treasury or online on the government’s website  — but the payment form is picked up from the Medicaid Office on the second floor of the ASTCA building in Tafuna.

Relatives of those who have been confirmed to be on the Repat #4 flight can visit the Medicaid Office or contact them at 699-4777 for more details.