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Amata meets with VA Under-Secretary for Health

Congresswoman Amata and the VA Under-Secretary for Health Dr. Schulkin in the Congresswoman’s office.  [courtesy photo]
Part of ongoing talks with VA Leadership to improve services and facilities for Veterans in American Samoa
Source: Office of Congresswoman Aumua Amata media release

Washington, D.C. — Congresswoman Aumua Amata met with Dr. David Schulkin, who serves as the Deputy Under-Secretary for the Veterans Health Administration on Thursday afternoon as part of an ongoing discussion with VA leadership to see what can be done to improve the services and facilities utilized by veterans in American Samoa.

“In the past year and a half, I have been in talks with VA leadership, including VA Secretary Bob McDonald, to look at every possible avenue and option that we can take to improve the care of our veterans in American Samoa,” stated Amata. “Our veterans at home are in a unique position when compared to their counterparts in the states and even the other territories. Through these talks, we have brought awareness to the VA about the issues facing our veterans in American Samoa, and I am excited about the positive developments coming in the near future,” continued Amata.

During the latest meeting, the Congresswoman was able to clearly convey the issues facing those veterans who reside in American Samoa, and have to travel to Hawaii for medical appointments with the VA. The response from Under-Secretary Schulkin was positive, and he said that he was eager to assist our veterans in American Samoa.

 “I want to thank Under-Secretary Schulkin for coming by my office to talk about our veterans in American Samoa,” stated Amata. “These ongoing talks are beginning to bear fruit, and I am bursting with enthusiasm and optimism that we will begin to see some real and positive changes very soon for our veterans here at home,” concluded Amata