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“It’s a Superior Blue Christmas!” with Bluesky

It’s the 5th of December — 20 more days until Christmas.

What better way to get a head start on shopping than to enjoy a Superior Blue Christmas with Bluesky? The company is giving away $30,000 in cash and giveaways until the 21st of December with winners drawn weekly.

Bluesky’s focus has always been its customers. After serving our communities for over 18 years in American Samoa, Bluesky is celebrating the holiday season with yet another big exciting promotion — “It’s  a Superior Blue Christmas!”

The theme reflects on the recent launch of Bluesky’s Superior 4G+ Network and how Bluesky wishes to provide state of the art technology to the community. Bluesky is the only company offering a true 4G plus network.

For this new promotion, Bluesky is giving its customers a chance to win up to $30,000 in cash, smart phones, shopping sprees, and prize giveaways!

Eligible customers are able to enter in the following ways:

1. eCharge for entries: echarge $7.00 - $14.99 1 entry; echarge $15.00 - $24.99 2 entries; echarge $25.00 - $34.99 3 entries; echarge $35.00 or more 4 entries.

2. Sign up and pay your MoanaTV bill in full on time will net you 2 entries.

(Only prepaid and postpaid capped mobile customers are eligible for eCharge entries. Bill pay entries are only valid for Residential customers.)

Some of the prizes Bluesky is giving away include:

$1,000 Cash; $500 Cash; Samsung Note 8; iPhone 7; $500 Shopping Sprees; $100 eCharge

Winners are drawn weekly and broadcast live on Facebook for everyone to watch, and winning customers are invited to the store to participate in a series of small activities to compete for their prize!

This is a lot of fun and an interactive way to make sure you, the customer, get what you want!

While some customers prefer cash, other customers prefer to win the brand new Samsung Note 8 as a gift for their loved ones.

What are you waiting for? E-charge your way to  great prizes today!

More exciting promotions that Bluesky offers include:

Superior 7 Viber; Unlimited SIM; International Calls; Call USA

For more information call 711 from your Bluesky phone.

The Bluesky family would like to wish all of American Samoa a Blessed & Merry Christmas.