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(Editor’s Note: Samoa News has chosen to reprint the FHS letter in its entirety. It is in response to Tafuna High School’s principal Beauty Tuiososopo’s remarks about the bus stoning incident that occurred on Tuesday evening at FHS, printed in Thursday’s paper. In her remarks, she says she does not recall any past bus rock throwing incident happening at THS against Fagaitua players. Samoa News notes, according to the letter below, the incident in question was not a bus stoning incident. However, it is a rock throwing incident — only it happened inside the THS gym, during the volleyball game, and was witnessed by a FHS teacher. ra)


September 16, 2013

To: American Samoa High School Athletic Association (ASHSAA)

Tafuna, American Samoa 96799

Re: Incident Report – Varsity Volleyball game Faga’itua vs. Tafuna


Dear ASHSAA board members:


I wish to bring to your attention an unfortunate incident that occurred at the varsity volleyball game between Tafuna High School and Faga’itua High School on Friday, September 13, 2013 at the Tafuna Gymnasium. During the second set of the game, rocks were hurled at us inside the gym, slightly missing our group as we sat on the bleachers watching the game. In addition to the rocks, we also heard a student yell out “kapuni kou guku; e iai se Fagaikua e fia ulavale?” Both came from the direction of the cafeteria. We therefore instructed our group to move to a different set of bleachers, which were further from the direction of where the rocks came from.


Then, just prior to the end of the final set (3rd set), game was tied, next serve would determine the winner, all of a sudden we saw a number of rocks hurling towards us. We were petrified. We scrambled for cover. Rocks were flying everywhere. Some of our kids got hit. A teacher got hit. We could hear threatening comments towards our students and school.


During the confusion, just seconds after the rocks began flying, I could see that Tafuna had been declared the winner. Game was over, yet rocks continued to hurl at us. We hurriedly gathered our team and group, quickly ushering them out of the gym towards the bus. There was much confusion. Some parents were helping to safely board the kids onto the bus. Students were traumatized and upset. We didn’t get to see how the game ended because rocks were thrown and we had to move to safety. It was a hostile environment. Fortunately and thanking God, we were able to vacate the premises without any further injuries. However, it was a terrifying experience.


These cowardice acts of a few are escalating. I say this from experience because Faga’itua is often a victim of such attacks win or lose. The culprits are getting more bold and daring. I pray that there be a successful resolve to this intensifying problem. The welfare of our students is dependent on our concerted efforts. If you would like any further information regarding this matter, please contact me at Faga’itua High School 622-7504.



Brittany T. Hisatake

English Teacher – Faga’itua High School