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The Facebook public figure page for Ahoeitu Unuakiotonga Tukuaho is now reflecting that he is the King of Tonga after the passing Sunday in Hong Kong of his older brother  King George Tupou V .

Confirmed by the Tupou V on Sept. 27,  2006 as the Heir Presumptive, he was born July 12, 1959,  the third son and youngest child of King Tāufaāhau Tupou IV.

Wikipedia bios him saying; he started his career in the military, joining the naval arm of the Tonga Defence Services in 1982 and becoming a Lieutenant-Commander in 1987. From 1990 to 1995 he commanded the Pacific-class patrol boat VOEA Pangai and his time in charge included peacekeeping operations in Bougainville.

In 1998 he ended his military career to become part of the government, first as the defence minister and the foreign minister at the same time, from October 1998 until August 2004. He took over these posts from his elder brother Siaosi Tupou V, at that time still the crown prince and as such known as Tupoutoa.

Soon he was appointed as Prime Minister on 3 January 2000, a function he kept until his sudden resignation on 11 February 2006, for which the reason has never become clear, but was most likely due to the unrest in the country since mid-2005, a series of pro-democracy protests calling for a lesser role for the royal family in government. His appointed successor, Feleti Sevele, was Tonga's first prime minister who was not a hereditary estate holder or a member of the aristocracy (made of 33 noble titles).

He also served as Tonga's High Commissioner to Australia, and resided in Canberra until the death of King George Tupou V on 18 March 2012, when Ahoeitu Unuakiotonga Tukuaho became King of Tonga.

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