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Shoppers complain about price of chicken in Samoa stores

Mr Lin of Peta Lin Store holds bag of chicken
Source: Samoa Global News

Apia, SAMOA — A disparity in the price of chicken between stores was felt by consumers this past weekend with some shops selling at $4.20, while another store set the price at $5.80 per kilogram.

As many in Samoa lost their jobs and sources of income due to the necessary COVID-19 state of emergency lockdown period, a grandmother from Eva who is employed three days a week as a cleaner near Apia, now watches the prices of basic food very carefully.

Peka Niko, 59, of Eva shares that their Sunday toanai budget was thrown off when her son returned from a shop at Solosolo with only 2 pieces of leg-n-thigh, plus a small chicken leg – for $10 tala. The price per kilo of chicken was $5.80.

The mother of six says they do not own a refrigerator so they buy Sunday toanai meat in the morning. “We can usually get four or five pieces of chicken for $10 tala – but we were surprised to have my son return with this small packet of chicken – it wasn’t enough to feed all of us”.

The next day, Niko was happy to spend $10 tala at Mr Lin’s store at Alafua which is near her workplace, and receive 5 pieces of thigh-n-leg for her family’s dinner.

Mr Lin of Peta Lin’s Store at Alafua currently sells chicken at $4.20 per kilo – which equates to 5 large pieces of leg-n-thigh for $10 tala.

Mr Oscar Meredith of Lynn’s Supermarket at Motootua confirms that their current price for chicken, is also at $4.20 per kilo.

The Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour (MCIL) monitors the Competition and Consumer Act 2016 that deals with market competition, price control and consumer protection measures.

Consumers should contact the Ministry on 20441 for any queries or information.

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