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Samoa’s state of emergency extended to Aug 1

Samoa Coronavirus advisory logo
Source: Samoa Govt Press Release

Apia, SAMOA — Samoa continues to be under COVID-19 State of Emergency as the Orders have been extended for another month to 01st August 2021.

The extension has been approved by the Head of State on a recommendation from Cabinet according to the Press Secretariat.

Meanwhile, an amended Travel Advisory was issued that gives conditions for those requesting to travel out and into Samoa under the State of Emergency Orders.

According to the Travel Advisory, all passengers are advised to contact the Ministry of Health 21 days before the planned travel time and they will also be assessed on a case-by-case basis before being granted permission to travel to Samoa.

The Ministry of Health advises the traveling public that all documents required, must be in English and passengers presenting documents in any other language will be denied boarding without exception.

Health further reiterates that with Samoa’s limited and delayed supply of COVID-19 vaccines, travelers including crew are now required to be ‘fully vaccinated’ before entry into Samoa with any COVID-19 vaccine, preferably vaccines already pre-qualified by the World Health Organization (WHO) i.e. AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Janssen, Moderna and Sinopharm).

Emphasis has been placed by Health on the following, regarding the Vaccine Certificate that travelers need to present before boarding:

  1. Name of Country;
  2. Name of person should be same as name on passport;
  3. Identification/Registration Number if available;
  4. Address of Clinic and contact details;
  5. Name of Vaccine and Batch Number;
  6. Name of Vaccinator;
  7. Health Institution Stamp if available;


  1. A Letter from the General Practitioner (GP) or Health Authority – a letter or print out from their GP or Health Authority Confirming having been vaccinated as per information on the country of Origin COVID-19 Immunization Register (CIR).