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Ministry of Health: Coronavirus risk for Samoa is VERY HIGH — However, social media posts of a case reported in Samoa are FALSE

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Updated travel advisory effective, Sunday, March 18 (Samoa time)
Source: Samoa Ministry of Health
Important note: Please be advised that this advisory will come into effect – Sunday 15 march 2020, at 8am

Apia, SAMOA — There have been posts on social media falsely reporting a Coronavirus case in Samoa. These statements are not supported by any evidence, and all ongoing investigations have found no Coronavirus cases (no suspected and no confirmed).

The result of these false social media statements is that a family has been wrongly accused of having the virus and have had their privacy violated while under the care of the hospital. The Ministry of Health is disappointed at the stigmatization of this family by the public and will investigate those responsible for these false statements to protect patients.

"We urge the public to avoid online gossip, use MOH and Government of Samoa media channels for their information and practice the recommended preventative measures."

  • To date in Samoa, there are 0 suspected or confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19), since the outbreak was declared in Wuhan, China 31/12/2019.
  • In the Pacific, Australia has reported 156 confirmed cases, New Zealand 5 confirmed cases, and Tahiti has reported 1 confirmed cases to date. Hawaii has reported 2 presumptive positive case.
  • In the Pacific, only Australia has reported deaths (3).
  • The suspect cases previously reported bv Tonga, Fiji, Marshall Islands, and Palau have all tested negative for COVID-19.


Due to the ongoing spread of COVID-19 globally and the declaration by WHO on 11th March 2020, as a Global Pandemic; the risk for Samoa is VERY HIGH. Border requirements and restrictions is now strengthened at all ports of entry.


1. A Special Health Declaration Card is required to be filled out by all travelling passengers inflight or on arrival in to Samoa.

2. ALL Travellers including returning residents entering Samoa are now required to undergo medical examination by a Registered Medical Practitioner within (3) days before ARRIVAL. Medical clearance report is required for check-in prior to issuing of boarding passes.

3. ALL airline crew and sea vessels crew are required to renew medical reports after 14 days of last medical check.

4. All Travelers entering Samoa including Samoan passport holders who are permanent residents of American Samoa are now required to have medical examination within 3 days before entering; this requirement SHOULD BE SIGNED by the attending physician and COUNTER-SIGNED by the Motusa Tuileama Nua, Director of Public Health, American Samoa. — a. All Samoan Nationals and Permanent Residents travelling to American Samoa are required to have medical examination within 3 days before entering with proof of MMR/MR vaccination. If in the event your travel is less than 3 days; medical examination issued in Samoa will suffice for your return.

5. Compulsory screening of ALL arriving passengers and crew to Samoa is in effect at ALL ports of entry. ALL are required to comply and produce additional documents when asked.

6. All Travelers originating FROM or TRANSITING through; 1) CHINA, 2) HONG KONG 3) MACAU 4) JAPAN 5) SINGAPORE 6) THAILAND 7) SOUTH KOREA 8) ITALY 9) IRAN 10) KUWAIT 11) TAIWAN 12) GERMANY 13) SPAIN 14) FRANCE 15) BAHRAIN 16) AUSTRIA 17) BELGIUM 18) CANADA 19) MALAYSIA 20) DENMARK 21) CZECHIA REP. 22) GREECE 23) ICELAND 24) LUXEMBOURG 25) NETHERLANDS 26) NORWAY 27) QATAR 28) SWEDEN 29) SWITZERLAND 30) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 31) UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 32) UNITED KINGDOM 33) AUSTRALIA SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS FOR COUNTRIES LISTED ABOVE I. MUST PROVIDE proof of test results done within 5 days for the Coronavirus (COVID-2019). II. ALL travelers with COVID-19 positive test will NOT be allowed to enter Samoa III. ALL MUST spend at least 14 days self-quarantine at country of last port and must have a Medical Clearance within (3) days prior to arrival into Samoa. This must be their final stop before travelling to Samoa. IV. In the event you arrive and have NOT satisfied the above three requirements, YOU WILL BE RETURNED to the country of last Port, before arrival in to Samoa.

7. ALL Chartered Flights and Cruise Ships intended for Samoa WILL NOT be granted entry into Samoa, until further notice.

8. ALL sea port entries will be screened at the quarantine buoy before the vessel docks at the wharf.

9. ALL Cargo Ships and Fishing vessels entering Samoa with crew change at any port or out at sea MUST COMPLY with ALL REQUIREMENTS stated above. Entry will be denied unless they comply with ALL requirements.

10. ALL Garbage from air crafts and sea vessels landing ashore is now prohibited. ALL Airlines and Travel Agencies are urged to comply with ALL requirements. Requirements for ALL Airlines: With ongoing efforts to prevent COVID-19 from entering Samoa and to control the number of travellers entering, the following amendments MUST be adhered to: Total number of flights as stated below remains the same; Flights between New Zealand and Samoa; FIVE (5) flights for both Samoa Airways and Air New Zealand per week, Both Carriers SHOULD NOT exceed five flight and 830 passengers per week. Flights between Australia and Samoa; THREE (3) flights for both Samoa Airways and Virgin Australia per week, Flights between Fiji and Samoa; THREE (3) flights per week including Hawaii route, Flights between American Samoa and Samoa; FOUR (4) flights for both Talofa Airways and Samoa Airways per day. Airlines are advised to make appropriate Changes for flights into Samoa.


1. It is strongly recommended that all persons intending to travel to any country affected by the 2019 Novel Coronavirus postpone their travel arrangements, unless necessary.

2. Be aware of the signs and symptoms of 2019 Novel Coronavirus which include: fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.

3. Preventive measures should be adhered to at ALL times in the event that travel cannot be postponed.

4. The Public Health, Ministry of Health Samoa STRONGLY ADVISES ALL Groups and Sporting bodies intending to travel overseas to RECONSIDER or CANCEL travel arrangements.

For more information contact Tagaloa Dr. Robert Thomsen on Phone: (685) 66503 / 7676015 or Email: or Dr Sarah Brown email: