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Samoa AG overrules MP Fiame's "propaganda" claim

MP Fiame Mataafa
Source: Samoa Press Secretariat

Apia, SAMOA — In a response from the Office of the Attorney General to claims by Individual MP Fiame Mataafa, that the press releases issued by the AG are “propaganda" made the following statement:

“With respect, Hon. Fiame Mataafa’s opinion in the Samoa Observer of today, that AG press releases informing the public about the amendments introduced by 3 Acts (i.e. Constitution Amendment Act 2020, Land and Titles Act 2020 and Judicature Act 2020) is propaganda, reflects her misunderstanding of the role of the Attorney General.

The Attorney General is duty bound to correct any misinformation about the laws of Samoa where it is blatantly clear that the views and information disseminated publicly by opponents of the 3 Acts of Parliament are not only inaccurate but also misleading.

The politics surrounding these 3 Acts of Parliament is left to the Politicians but the Attorney General will continue to clarify and correct any misinformation about the laws of Samoa.”