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One of Samoa's abandoned babies laid to rest, Court holds the other for autopsy

Those who attended Tautai Aumaga’s funeral service

Apia, SAMOA — Only the baby boy – named Tautai Aumaga was laid to rest yesterday evening as the Court stopped the burial of the bay girl – Teviti Angel Aumaga for a post mortem.

Tautai was found at sea at Laulii last month and Angel’s body was found in a rubbish bin at the Mulifanua wharf and the dead bodies were released by the police this week to a grandmother of Sinamoga who offered to give the babies a proper burial.

At the funeral service this evening at the SDA Church, Lalovaea, the Police Commissioner, Fuiavailili Egon Keil said a Court order issued yesterday to them and Cilla O’Sullivan hindered their plans to bury these two infants together.

“The Court has ordered an autopsy to be performed on Angel to determine the cause of death, and we could be looking at a month before she is finally laid to rest,” said Fuiavailili.

Cilla, the good Samoan Samaritan who offered to give the two infants a proper burial, gave them names, organized and paid for the funeral is also disappointed.

“The Judge signed the order to release the infants for burial two days ago, but yesterday evening, another order was issued by the same Judge to stop Angel from being buried,” said Cilla.

“It’s disappointing but we have to comply,” said Cilla.


Commissioner Fuiavailili said abandoning infants is on the rise and it’s very concerning.

“For those contemplating abandoning their children, there are alternatives. Contact police, fire service, hospital, outreach centres such as Fataua Le Ola, the Samoa Victim Support Group who can locate a home for any child,”

He said Police will enforce the law on abandonment should they encounter it.

“If a child is safely dropped off at our headquarters, police will not prosecute but we will find proper homes for them where they will be loved,” said Fuiavailili.

“These innocent children deserve a chance to live and experience life. A child is a gift from God, a blessing and the community must come together to enforce this message.”

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