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Miss Samoa leaves her own legacy behind

Reigning Miss Samoa beauty queen Sonia Piva

Apia, SAMOA — The crowning of the next Miss Samoa this week will end the reign of Miss Samoa beauty queen Sonia Piva, but not what she brought to the role and her own unique achievements that will be her legacy.

As Miss Samoa she will be remembered as a young beautiful woman who has carried out her  role with grace and dignity.

The memories, the highlights and the amazing experience of being a Miss Samoa will remain with her as she journeys through life.

One of  the highlights during her reign is making friends, making networks in Samoa and making a name for herself.

As Miss Samoa she has been able to connect to many people.

"Miss Samoa is an amazing experience. One of the things that stands out the most  definitely is getting making new friends, making networks here in Samoa and making a name for myself. It’s been amazing to connect with people and going out to schools and doing what I love to do,” Piva told Newsline.

Being Miss Samoa Piva said has given her accessibility to programmes which before took a long process as she had to go through many different people. “ For example it is now really easy for me to go out with Brown Girls Woke Organization and to go to different schools and do what we love to do. I speak to people and they know who I am and they know what I do and that my heart is for Samoa.”

Brown Girls Woke Organization is an organization based overseas which helps women and girls advocating for their rights.

The Pacific Games was definitely one of the greatest highlights for Piva.

 “The Pacific Games was absolutely incredible. What an honour for Samoa to actually host the games. It was a real blessing to be an ambassador for Samoa while it was hosting the Pacific Games and what an experience to see all the athletes of 24 countries congregating in Samoa and getting to learn bits and pieces of their languages and cultures.”

Piva has not focussed only on being Miss Samoa, she has also ventured into the business world. This year she has set up two businesses which are revolves on what she loves- fashion. One is Piva’s  Boutique and the other is Piva’s Design and Sewing. Through these businesses she will continue to serve the people of Samoa.

“ Fashion is also one of my many passions so I will definitely be continuing that.”

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