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CCCS America christens new half million home

Source: Samoa Observer

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA —  The Congregational Christian Church Samoa (CCCS) district in America has officially christened its new home in Malua at a value of more than WST$570,000, weeks before the CCCS annual conference kicks off.

The building will shelter members of the district who travel over for the annual conference for two weeks and will overcome many challenges for its members.

Reverend Elder of the District of Amerika, Reverend Saitumua Tafaoialii who is currently serving at the C.C.C.S church in Utah told this newspaper in an interview that the christening overcomes many challenges for their district in America, especially during the church's annual conferences.

"Special thanks to the Mataia and his wife for their support as we sent the money straight to them and they carried out this whole work as well as the chairman of the church for allowing the time to make this possible."

The construction of the new building was carried out for six months and will also be able to shelter members of the district in America that are being taught in the Malua Theological College which is normally the case according to Rev. Elder Tafaoialii.

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