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8 Samoans under self-quarantine in Fiji

Director General of Health, Leausa Take Naseri
Sources: Samoa Govt Press Secretariat

Apia, SAMOA — Five Samoa patients and three caregivers returning from India after successful medical treatment are undergoing 14 days of self-quarantine in Nadi, Fiji for precautionary measures as mandated by Samoa’s Coronavirus Border Security Travel Advisory.

On their way home, the Samoans had transited through Singapore, one of the six countries listed as a high risk from the Coronavirus in the Government’s latest updated Travel Advisory issued over the weekend.

As a result, they were denied entry and returned to Fiji Monday night.

As a precautionary measure and to ensure that the patients’ are not in any danger, local health authorities this afternoon assured that contact has been made with representatives of the Apollo and Fortis Hospitals based in Fiji to facilitate the Samoans during their self-quarantine period.  The patients had underwent medical treatment at the two hospitals in India under the government funded Overseas Medical Referral program.

And this afternoon, Ministry of Health’s Chief Executive Leausa Dr. Take Naseri also reassured that the necessary arrangements have been made with Apollo and Fortis Hospital officials in Fiji to provide any assistance for the Samoans in case they need medical attention.

“We will continue to monitor the patient’s situation from here.

“An open line of communication is now established with Apollo and Fortis representatives in Fiji,” says Leausa.  “And they are fully aware of the situation and they have contacted their respective hospitals in India.”

 Leausa says the patients may have not been informed that Singapore was included in the list of high risk countries as their flight may had already departed when the Travel Advisory was last updated Friday evening.

And per Updated Travel Advisory, the 14 day self-quarantine mandate is compulsory for all Samoan and none Samoan residents traveling or transiting through
    •    Singapore
    •    China
    •    Hong Kong;
    •    Macau;
    •    Japan;
    •    Thailand   

After the 14 self-quarantine period outside of the country, all travelers including Samoan residents are mandated to undergo a medical examination by a Registered Medical Practitioner within (3) days before arrival as prescribed by the Government’s Travel Advisory. The medical clearance is required for check-in prior to issuing of boarding passes.

All travelers from other countries not listed in the high risk list of countries are required only to provide the three day prior to departure medical certificate clearance.

In total 19 travelers including the Samoans were denied entry Sunday night. The remaining 11 are none Samoan residents who had either travelled from mainland China or transited through the 6 countries listed in the Travel Advisory.

(Kindly follow the Ministry of Health (MoH website)  for country status as we continue to update the table.)

For more information contact Tagaloa Dr. Robert Thomsen on Phone: (685) 66503 / 7676015 or Email: or Dr Sarah Brown email: