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Amata honors American Samoa’s Purple Heart Veterans

Purple Heart Day logo

Washington, D.C.— Friday, Congresswoman Aumua Amata recognized Purple Heart Day 2020 and honored American Samoa’s Purple Heart Veterans.

“Every year, we honor all our Veterans on Veterans Day, and all those who sacrificed life itself on Memorial Day, but August 7th is specially designated as Purple Heart Day. This day is our nation’s way to express our lasting gratefulness to those Veterans and Service Members, past and present, who specifically have received a Purple Heart Medal. With American Samoa’s tradition of military service, I can’t know how many of our Veterans and military families this truly represents, but we love and thank and honor each of you.

“Like so many of us in American Samoa, I’m from a family that has a legacy of service in World War II, Vietnam and elsewhere. The shared experiences of the Armed Forces is a source of special unity to our people. I’m humbled to represent the many Veterans of our islands on the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. Our nation carries a lifelong debt to those who serve, starting with health care priorities. Fulfilling our commitment to any one Veteran is an important way of honoring them all.”

On this day in 1782, General George Washington created this important Medal to recognize only very select members of our Armed Forces, those who are wounded or killed by a wound in the service of our country. These heroes are honored with the Purple Heart.

Five years ago, Congresswoman Amata placed in the permanent Congressional Record a tribute to a Marine from American Samoa, who served a remarkable eight combat tours in Korea and Vietnam. Among his awards and medals is the Purple Heart, because he was wounded in combat on his first tour in Vietnam, and kept returning for years of additional combat duty. Read more here about the outstanding service of MSGT Tautalagia Sotoa Numera. 

Last year, Congresswoman Amata highlighted here the service of local three-time Purple Heart Fanuatanu Mamea.

“God bless our Veterans and our military families as we think of them on this day,” concluded Amata.