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Mufi Hannemann: He was Mayor once before — will that help or hurt with Honolulu voters?

Source: Honolulu Civil Beat

Mufi Hannemann is no stranger to Hawaii politics. He served as Honolulu mayor more than a decade ago, guiding the city through the last economic downturn.

Now, he wants to take on the crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hannemann says his political experience is what makes him the right person for the moment.

“If these were normal times, if these were good times, I’d say take a chance on someone with fresh, new ideas,” he said. “But these are some of the darkest times we’ve faced in the history of our islands, and it requires someone who doesn’t need on-the-job training.”

Hannemann’s critics, however, connect his political past to two of Honolulu’s most prominent issues: the rail project and homelessness.

Since leaving the mayor’s office, Mufi Hannemann has spent most of his time lobbying for the visitor industry, which could make him an appealing choice for Hawaii residents with tourism jobs. [Cory Lum/Civil Beat]

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