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Dear Editor,  

On November 2, 2023, my grandson, Moimoi, was abused by his K-5 Teacher by the name of Sulu and at the time my grandson came home with bruises on his arm, saying his teacher hit him with a ruler.  We at the time, did not think too much into the matter, however, before Thanksgiving another incident occurred with the same Teacher slapping my grandson.  So, we requested the Kananafou Office to meet with the Principal and the Counselor (Florance Afo) to confront this teacher as to why she is abusing our grandson. 

Because the principal was not available at the time of this second incident, we met with the Counselor and confronted this Teacher Sulu.  She flatly denied "slapping" my grandson, and the Teacher asked my grandson, Moimoi, and Moimoi said YES YOU SLAPED ME!

From this incident, neither the Counselor nor the Principal took any disciplinary action towards this Teacher!

NOW on Tuesday this week, my grandson, came home and told us that his Teacher threw a marker hitting his head, left side of this temple.  I immediately called the Tafuna sub-station that night around 8pm to talk to the Watch Commander named Teo. His recommendation was to call in the morning and talk to the Watch Commander as he gets off at 6am and the next shift would best handle the matter.

Wednesday morning at 6:30am, I went to the Tafuna Sub-station to report the abuse my grandson was receiving from this F-5 Teacher at Kananafou Elementary school.  I have lodged a formal complaint of abuse against this Teacher named Sulu.  The officers proceeded to the school Wednesday (1/24) and interviewed this Teacher, and she admitted to the 1st , 2nd and 3rd incidents towards my grandson.  

Photo of red mark on child’s arm taken on Nov. 2, 2023. [photo supplied]

So, my question is 1) how many other incidents other students have suffered under this same teacher? And 2) what tis the school doing to discipline this teacher?

This teacher should be fired, she has no business in the classroom teaching our children… better yet she should be penalize and serve a jail term for abusing a 6-year-old child.

At this point in time, Public Safety is submitting their reports to the AG office to get a warrant to arrest this Teacher. But, how long will that take? And in the meantime, how many more children will be abused by this same Teacher if she remains as a Teacher at Kananafou???

To the Kananafou Board of Directors, please step in and do something about this abusive behavior from the Teachers and if you don't, then you are all responsible for ABUSE in the school! We, the family of Moimoi Samuelu, demand that Kananafou Board of Directors provide us the parents and family, what disciplinary action you will take against this abusive Teacher, named Sulu, and a plan of action, to address this matter so it does not occur again to any students attending Kananafou Elementary and High School.


Virginia Samuelu

Very Concerned for the safety of our Children