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What a great gift the governor is giving the Territory’s labor force — proposed legislation to increase the salaries of governor and lt. gov. — $15,000 and $10,000 respectively. He’s citing inflation and the top leaders of the territory not receiving a pay raise in a long time.

The timing of this proposal couldn’t be worse!

First, the territory’s businesses are being taxed at the port of entries at a higher rate because the government has to pay off its bond debts. This also includes raising the cost of its services.

Second, is this proposal going to signal the Fono reps and senators — they should ask for a raise too? What better way to get one than quid pro quo…

Third, what about the teachers’ increments? I believe one of the main reasons cited is “no money”?

And what about the police force? One of the lowest paid employees of the government — I’m not even sure if janitors don’t make more? The list could go on & on…

Fourth, inflation does not affect only the top leaders — what about the tautua at the bottom of the heap? There is a constant moan from ASG about the minimum wage — how it is causing businesses as well as itself undue hardship because there just isn’t any money to spare.

We all have the same basic expenses to survive on this island — electricity & water, food, housing, transportation, communications, medical … oh wait a minute — that’s all paid separately by the ASG for the gov. & lt. governor in either an allowance or your basic perks as Persons On Top of the Pile…

For all of us, it’s a matter of quality of life that we work hard to earn … and sometimes we make sacrifices because there just isn’t enough to go around.

I think the very least we should expect from our leaders is that they do the same. GONG!

We’re all in the same fautasi — supposedly rowing in sync.