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Dear Editor;

As a proud American Samoan, every year I look forward to attending Flag Day at the stadium or watching it on TV.

For the THIRD consecutive year I was extremely disappointed to see our Congresswoman publicly slighted by the Flag Day Committee. How unnecessary and petty is that? We Samoans don’t do that sort of thing especially in front of thousands of television viewers.

Samoans are kind, giving people who are known for their courtesy and hospitality. It seems to me that every Tom, Dick and Harry from the federal government was recognized culturally except for American Samoa’s one and only elected federal representative.  While it did not appear to bother her in the least, many of us watching felt bad for her. We were offended by this discourtesy because we all know she has done so much for our people in the short 3+ years she has been in Congress. A little gesture of appreciation from the Governor would not have gone unnoticed by the everyday people.

The discourtesy shown to American Samoa’s U.S. Congresswoman was over the top. I was uncomfortable so I felt it my duty to speak out because the people in attendance as well as the TV audience all saw it and felt bad about it and we the people are all talking about it to one another. To begrudge our humble, hardworking representative in Congress a little gesture of appreciation and kindness is amazing to say the least and very un-Samoan.  It was amazing to say the least and very un-Samoan — Flag Day Committee, shame on you!


Salote Schuster

Former Territorial Registrar