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Samoa Airways seeks to continue Manu’a service

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Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Due to the lack of a US carrier to provide American Samoa’s domestic flights, the Samoa government owned Polynesian Limited, dba, Samoa Airways is seeking another exception to operate Manu’a flights.

Samoa Airways earlier this year was granted an exemption by the US Department of Transportation to operate Manu’a flights for 180 days, while deferring the remainder of its 12 month exemption request.

The airline’s latest request, through its Washington D.C. attorneys, seeks exemption for cabotage operations through Feb. 11, 2020, according to Samoa Airways’ request which also states that its service is supported by ASG.

“Approval is also supported by comity and reciprocity between the United States and the Government of Samoa,” the letter states, adding that USDOT has previously acknowledged the Samoan Government’s assurances that comity and reciprocity should continue to form the basis for approving carrier operations after March 9, 2019.”

Samoa on Mar. 9, 2019 officially withdrew from an air transportation agreement with countries including the U.S.