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Rep. Sanitoa seeks help from Paramount Builders for troubled area

Rep. Larry Sanitoa

Pago Pago, AMERICA SAMOA — Rep. Larry Sanitoa — on behalf of several residents and motorists — has reached out to Paramount Builders Inc., president and CEO, Papali’i Lauli’i Alofa; and Public Works to find a permanent solution to a “very serious and dangerous pool of stagnant water” next to the Georgina Building on the Fagaima Road.

During heavy rains last week, Samoa News observed motorists in the area having a difficult time maneuvering through the huge pool of water.

In a Nov. 1st letter to Papali’i, with copy forwarded to DPW director, Faleosina Voigt, Rep. Sanitoa noted that DPW and ASG’s Office of Disaster Assistance & Petroleum Management (ODAPM) are currently working on a permanent solution to address the longstanding water run-off and flooding on the Fagaima Road which has created havoc for many residents and the traveling public for years.

“Given that funding has now been identified, I remain hopeful that this project will commence next year,” Sanitoa wrote, and requested Paramount Builders’ help with a permanent solution (for both sides of the Fagaima road next to the Georgina Building).

Aside from the stagnant water, Sanitoa said there is a very dangerous and huge pothole in the area that motorists are constantly trying to avoid, causing them to swerve on to incoming traffic. He said the concern is that a vehicle may be damaged or even worse, a serious accident may occur.

Sanitoa’s letter followed a meeting earlier last Friday with a Paramount official. By yesterday morning, Paramount Builders stepped in and provided a temporary solution to the problem. Sanitoa observed a Paramount crew working on patching up the pothole with asphalt.