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Probation violations nets man his suspended sentence — 20 months in jail

TCF — Territorial Correctional Facility

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A man who violated conditions of his 2-year probation, which was handed down last year, has been ordered to serve out his suspended sentence, which is 20 months.

Onosa’i Mataipule appeared in court last week for a disposition hearing.

When given the chance to speak, Mataipule apologized and begged for another chance, so he can return home and start anew. He told the court that he has an alcohol and anger problem, and he needs time to address those issues.

Defense attorney asked the court to modify Mataipule’s probation, instead of revoking it. He said Mataipule is truly remorseful and he wants to go home to care for his family.

The government’s attorney, however, argued for probation revocation. She asked that Mataipule be ordered to serve out his suspended sentence, 20 months, because he disobeyed the court’s order, and this is the only way for him to learn a lesson.

The court agreed.

The court told the defendant that he was given multiples chances to redeem himself, however, he keeps coming before the court on several offenses. This time, the court feels that the defendant should serve a long period of detention in jail so that he can learn a better lesson for his life.


Mataipule appeared in court two months ago for a preliminary hearing on the allegation that he failed to comply with the probation condition requiring him to be law abiding.

He was placed on probation last year, following a January 2019 conviction for unlawful use of a deadly weapon, to wit; a firearm.

As a condition of his 2-year probation term, Mataipule served 4 months at the Territorial Correction Facility (TCF).

A few months after he was sentenced, Mataipule assaulted a man and as a result, was convicted in District Court of third-degree assault.

He also pled guilty to careless driving in another case, and was sentenced to 150 days at the TCF.