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Price of turkey tails down; cost of chicken legs up

Barbecued turkey tails

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The average price of turkey tails — a local favorite — decreased again last month, while the price for a box of chicken legs continues to increase, according to the Department of Commerce, which released last week the July Basic Food Index report.

According to DOC, four food commodities — chicken legs, fresh milk, corned beef, and butter —  contributed to the increase in basic food cost for July. The report notes that the cost of a 22-pound box of chicken legs continues to rise by 3.6% “having the greatest month-to-month price increase” followed by the cost of butter, fresh milk, and corned beef with minimal percent increases of one-percent or less.

Four food items in which average retail prices have decreased are — mayonnaise (0.4%), ice cream (0.2%), pork spare ribs (0.1%), fish (0.2%), eggs (2.1%), and turkey tails (1.3%).

At the end of July, average retail prices for ten food items — soft drinks, bottled water, rice, taro, sausage, banana, saimin, canned tuna, bread and sugar — remained constant, according to DOC, which noted that seven major food outlets on island were selected for the July survey.