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Inter-Samoa flights continue during airport apron rehab

McDonnell Dowell crew hard at work last Friday morning

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — McDonnell Dowell crew hard at work last Friday morning with the ongoing construction of the Pago Pago International Airport Apron Rehabilitation project. 

The apron is part of the airport where the aircraft parks, and passengers disembark or board.

The Apron Project is an upgrade for the airport, comprising new concrete pavement, flood lights, drainage, and fueling services. The multi-million-dollar federally-funded project is part of the Port Administration’s larger vision to upgrade the airport, to ensure modern but most importantly, safer facilities for American Samoa.

This was one of the projects, included in a Powerpoint presentation by Port Administration’s Airport Division officials at last Friday’s cabinet meeting, which was held under tents on the lawn area, yards away from the ongoing construction work.

Inter-Samoa flights continue to operate in and out of the airport using the apron area — to the far right side if you are in the terminal facing the apron.

Samoa News will report later this week on Port Administration’s presentation, which includes funding of current projects, as well as future projects not only for the Tafuna Airport but also the two domestic airports in the Manu’a island group.