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Illegal immigrant denied bail on trespass and PPD charges

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Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The government has charged Aleki Afoa with one count each of trespassing and public peace disturbance, both misdemeanors, for his alleged involvement in an incident that occurred on the west side two weeks ago

During last week’s court proceedings, a motion by the defense attorney to release Mr. Afoa on his own recognizance was denied by the court, due to his illegal immigration status. He was then remanded back to the Territorial Correctional Facility (TCF) without bail.

Afoa told his attorney that his Immigration ID is still valid until Aug. 21, 2020 however, according to a report from the Immigration Office that was presented to the court, his ID expired two years ago. Afoa’s wife, who is also his sponsor, left American Samoa with their four young children for Hawaii in 2018 and has never returned.

Court information states that police responded to a call from a family gathering in Vaitogi on a Saturday night, where Afoa was allegedly causing trouble and yelling profanities. His uncle tried to take him home but Afoa continued shouting profanities and inviting everyone at the family gathering to come and fight him.

He was then escorted away from the area where the gathering was held, however, he eventually returned and called out again for a fight. This time, he was holding a metal pipe. Male family members chased him home, where police later apprehended him. According to police, Afoa admitted that he had been drinking, and he “reeked of alcohol.”

Court records show that Afoa has a previous conviction from 2016, for trespass and 3rd degree assault and was sentenced to probation.

His previous conviction occurred when he went to his neighbor’s property at night uninvited and assaulted another man. Afoa was heavily intoxicated when police arrested him; and, he told police that the man he assaulted punched his 15-year-old nephew twice in the face.

Afoa’s next hearing is scheduled for Nov. 16th.