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Husband arrested for chasing and threatening his wife

Not the first time his wife alleges

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — On April 20, 2024, a mother of five in distress contacted the Fagatogo Police Station (FPS) to report being chased and threatened by her husband.

The defendant was later apprehended and charged with the following:

Count 1: Private Peace Disturbance (DV) — a class C misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for up to fifteen days, a fine of $300 but not less than $150, or both;

Count 2: Assault in the Third Degree (DV) — a class A misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for up to one year, a fine of $1,000, or both;

Count 3: Assault in the Third Degree (As a C. Mis. DV) — a class C misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for up to fifteen days, a fine of $300 but not less than $150, or both; and,

Count 4: Endangering The Welfare of a Child — a class A misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for up to one year, a fine of $1,000, or both.

The bail for the defendant was set at $1,000.

(Samoa News has withheld the names involved in this case to protect the identity of the minor involved.)

According to the affidavit, on April 20th, at approximately 11:06 a.m, a distress call was received by the FPS from a woman later identified as the victim. The victim spoke urgently on the phone and requested that a police officer be sent to her family residence in Fagatogo. The victim explained that her husband was allegedly threatening and pursuing her. The call ended abruptly.

At about 11:10 a.m, another call came in from another female individual reporting that her niece (victim) had sought refuge at her house with her 11 year-old daughter in a visibly distressed state.

Police officers responded to the call in Fagatogo and upon reaching the vicinity of the Fagatogo Motel where two police units parted ways — one unit headed to the victim’s house to locate the suspect whereas the other went to the second caller’s home.

When officers arrived at the second caller’s (witness) home they encountered the female individual who placed the call. According to the witness, her niece (victim) ran towards her house crying and shaking and stated that her husband was chasing after her and threatening her. After briefing the officers, the witness led the officers to where her niece (victim) was.

The affidavit further stated that upon conducting an interview with the victim, she recounted the events in a trembling voice,

The victim tearfully described the altercation with her husband which originated at the Sadie’s by the Sea in Utulei. She explained that she was cleaning the room utilized by her children, husband and herself. Her husband (suspect) was consuming alcohol near the waterfront where their children were swimming. The victim elaborated that while she was tidying the room, she heard the suspect shouting profanities and causing a disturbance. Subsequently, she confronted him from the room, instructing him to lower his voice in which he responded by hurling a rock and a beer can in her direction.

Following these actions, the suspect started to yell profanities then proceeded to the room they were occupying at the time. As the suspect entered the room, he continued to yell profanities at her and also slammed and punched the door. Furthermore, the suspect then pushed her out of his way and forcibly took $480 from the victim’s bag and left.

Upon later returning to their residence in Fagatogo with her children, the victim found that the suspect was at home. She then attempted to retrieve the money taken from her by searching her husband’s bag, which turned out to be empty. This prompted an angry outburst and threats of violence unless she returned their daughter’s cellphone, which she had taken for her safety.

This only exacerbated the situation, leading to further verbal abuse and threats from the suspect. The suspect went on by saying that if she (the victim) doesn’t return the phone to him, he will kill her.

In fear for her life, the affidavit stated that the victim sought refuge in her aunt’s home. The victim added that as she was fleeing, she had no idea that her daughter was running behind her while she was being chased by the suspect. Moreover, the victim explained that while she was running towards her aunt’s residence, she heard the suspect screaming behind her “if he catches up to her, he will kill her”.

As the interview came to an end, one of the officers received a call from the other team of police officers stating that they were able to locate the suspect and were now going to transport him to the FPS for further questioning. As the officers were about to depart the witness’ vicinity, the victim stated in a trembling voice that she wants the suspect to be removed from their residence in Fagatogo as she feared for her and her kids’ safety.

The victim further requested a no contact order to be put on the suspect, as this is not the first time this has happened.

Upon arrival at the station, the suspect was Mirandized and he waived his rights. However, after he was Mirandized, the suspect complained about his left side saying he had fallen from the rooftop of his worksite.

In response, police officers requested for EMS assistance at the FPS to check on the suspect’s vitals and his side. At about 4:02 p.m, EMS arrived and assessed the suspect. According to the EMS, the suspect’s vitals were okay and everything was normal. The suspect also signed the refusal of further treatment form.

The suspect was then booked and confined at the Tafuna Correctional Facility to await the next sitting of the District Court.

(Upon booking the suspect, his properties were listed on the property part of the booking form, noting that 2 items of paraphernalia with a little residue was found among the suspect’s property.)

The defendant is identified as a 32 year-old U.S National.