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Elderly male inmate passes away in TCF over the weekend

A male inmate passed away over the weekend and there are already various unconfirmed reports as to the cause of death, but Police Commissioner Save Liuato Tuitele says they do not suspect foul play.

When asked yesterday, the Police Commissioner confirmed that a male inmate passed away Sunday inside the Territorial Correctional Facility. He explained the inmate was faced with many “medical complications” and he was taken to the hospital a couple of times and was just recently released from the LBJ Medical Center where he was hospitalized for some time.

Based on reports from TCF, Save says the inmate was in the courtyard of the prison when he suddenly collapsed and was pronounced dead upon arrival (DOA) at the hospital. He doesn't suspect foul play in the death of the inmate — whose identity is not released at this time.

Save did explain there were three elderly inmates — including the deceased — who are frequently admitted to the hospital due to serious medical conditions they face; and another inmate, who is in the hospital, has recently been transferred from the Intensive Care Unit to the Medical Ward.

He said a request has been made to the Attorney General’s Office for an official motion to the court for an order to release this elderly inmate with his many medical issues, from TCF to be cared for by his family.

Save said TCF can’t care for this inmate, because of his many medical issues, and noted the inmate’s family from Samoa are on island and have requested his release so they can take care of him at home.

On another issue, Save could not confirm a report received by Samoa News about an inmate who was allegedly stabbed by other inmates with a sharp item two weeks ago. A source told Samoa News that it happened early Sunday morning two weeks ago.

However, Save said no such stabbing incident occurred two weeks ago, except for the case involving an inmate, who reportedly was not complying with TCF rules including escaping from confinement more than once. Recently the inmate was caught as he was trying to escape — again, he said.

Save describes the inmate as a troublemaker. For example the inmate would throw away food given to him and would swear loudly towards elderly male inmates. And the inmate would then call his family to tell them that he was not treated well by TCF officials and is not fed by TCF.

He said this is the only other incident at TCF reported to his office recently about an unruly inmate.

Samoa News reporters Ausage Fausia and Fili Sagapolutele contributed to this report.