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Court Report

translated by Samoa News staff


A man who is accused of pointing a gun towards another man in Utulei last week was charged this week by the government during his initial appearance in District Court.

 Abraham McMoore is facing one felony count of illegal use of a weapon, a crime punishable by not more than 5 years imprisonment, a fine of not more than $5,000 and four misdemeanor counts of public peace disturbance, third degree assault, possession of an unlicensed firearm and use of a firearm.

The charges against McMoore stem from an Oct. 18 incident in Utulei when the victim contacted police for help after the defendant allegedly pointed a gun at the victim, according to court information, which also states the victim and defendant are neighbors.

It’s alleged that when the victim’s vehicle arrived in front of a home in Utulei, where work was being carried out, the victim saw the defendant walking towards him and directed the victim to move away with his car.

In response, the victim told the defendant that he was there to install lights for the home that belonged to another family; however, the defendant was not happy and again told the victim to move out of the area with this car.

It’s alleged the defendant was intoxicated and he then pulled out a gun, which he pointed at the victim in a threatening manner. The victim backed his car out of the area and then called police.

When questioned by police, the defendant allegedly admitted he had a gun at home but denied having pointed the gun at the victim. The defendant’s bail was set at $1,000 but it’s unclear on Wednesday if he was able to post bail, but his next court appearance is next week Thursday.


Among the conditions of the 18 months probation for Milton Wolf set by the District Court when he was sentenced Tuesday was that he is prohibited from consuming alcohol, be a law abiding citizen and pay the $100 fine to the court.

Wolf was initially charged with two misdemeanor counts of third degree assault and public peace disturbance following an incident last month. But under a plea agreement with the government and accepted by the court, the defendant pled guilty to the assault charge while the other count was dismissed.

During the sentencing District Court Judge Fiti A. Sunia advised the defendant not to continue his bad behavior in the community as well as breaking the law while he is on probation.

The government argued for a 30-day imprisonment for the defendant, who had served 26 days of pre trial confinement, which the defense argued should be sufficient punishment for Wolf.

Sunia sentenced the defendant to 45 days in jail and placed him on 18 months probation. However, the court opted to waive the 45 days and accepted the 26-day pre-trial confinement for the jail term. The District Court judge informed the defendant he could be sent to jail to serve the rest of the 45 days, which is 19 days, if he fails to comply with all conditions of his probation.

“You have no more chances with this court if you commit any crime within the probation period,” Sunia warned the defendant.