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ASDOE bans use of ASDOE computers for online degrees

Not during school hours, or after hours — both facilities & equipment

A few teachers are not happy with Department of Education Acting Director Philo Jenning’s memo prohibiting the use of ASDOE computers for online degree programs, needed by teachers to obtain higher degrees and points out the ban on the use of any ASDOE facility after hours for such activities.

In an Oct. 5 memo to ASDOE personnel, Jennings said it has come to his attention that employees are accessing online institutions during regular working hours, after regular work hours and on the weekend utilizing ASDOE facilities and equipment.

He said this “practice is unallowable” during regular working hours as well as the usage of ASDOE facilities and equipment for such purposes after regular working hours and during working hours.

“Should you want to access any online degree programs you are free to do so at the comfort of your home and using your [own] equipment,” Jennings informed ASDOE personnel, who were also reminded that regular working hours are from 7:30a.m to 4p.m.

“There should not be any reason why people are in the building utilizing [AS]DOE] facilities and equipment after regular working hours — especially after 6:20p.m.,” he said.

However, some teachers who are working on their higher degree using online courses are upset with the memo saying there are several teachers seeking Bachelors or Masters degrees without home computers and internet — because it’s too expensive.

“They (ASDOE) tell us to get degrees, [using] courses online for improvement and yet this is what they do,” one teacher said about Jennings’ memo.

“Firstly teachers don't get paid enough to get internet at home because teachers spend money for school supplies because ASDOE does NOT have any supplies,” the teacher told Samoa News last Friday. “And yet getting internet access after school and weekends is prohibited? Let’s see if the community agrees.”

This teacher’s comments were echoed by two other teachers contacted over the weekend. “Teachers do spend money to buy supplies because of our love of the job and for our teachers,” said one of the two teachers on Saturday. “And I’m trying to complete my courses for a Masters degree. It’s disappointing that this memo came out banning the use of the ASDOE internet. The degree is for our work, as teachers, at ASDOE.”