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American Samoans urged not to misuse FEMA cheques

[SN file photo]

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — American Samoans whose homes sustained damage from Cyclone Gita are being urged to make use of cheques from the US Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA.

A number of home owners were issued cheques for losses and damages to their properties in the February cyclone.

The agency said if their cheques are not used for the intended purposes they would not be eligible for assistance in the next disaster.

The agency's External Affairs Officer, Victor Inge said inspectors would be able to tell if damaged homes for which cheques were issued this time, are not repaired.

"What we need is if you've been approved for FEMA assistance, we need you to read that letter, and it tells you exactly what those funds are for," he said.

"And what's going to make this community stronger, and rebuild and more resilient, is to use those funds for the intended purpose."