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Am Samoa remains under Code Blue in latest COVID declaration

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Proof of vaccination may be required under certain circumstances

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Gov. Lemanu Peleti Palepoi Sialega Mauga’s has issued a new COVID-19 declaration effective Apr. 18th and valid through May 18th.  In it American Samoa remains under Code Blue, with the following restrictions to be in force.

It says that evidence of vaccination against the COVID-19 “may” be required from any person, unless that person is too young to be vaccinated or the person is not medically qualified to be vaccinated, prior to:

•           entering the Territory from a state or country that has community spread;

•           departing the Territory;

•           attending K-12 school in person;

•           attending college classes in person; and

•           visiting a person at the LBJ Medical Center, Territorial Correctional Facility or any in-patient residential facility.


No major changes were made under the new declaration. A traveler entering the territory, must register with the Health Department website — — at least 10 days prior to travel and provide documents required by the Health director.

Also applicants must provide DoH with a negative COVID-19 test made within 72 hours of travel; health clearance from a physician; and travel history for the last 30-days.

All other requirements — disclosure if the traveler has ever tested positive for COVID-19 “or knows that they have been in recent close contact with a person who has tested positive within the past 4 weeks” — remain in place.

Participants in the American Samoa repatriation programs may be required to fulfill additional requirements.


For all scheduled flights in and out of American Samoa, they remain suspended and the Governor and Lieutenant Governor may authorize flights based on the needs of the territory. And passengers of any permitted flight must comply with entry requirements and any additional requirements contained in the governor’s or lieutenant governor’s written authorization.

With flights suspended between Honolulu and Pago Pago, the COVID-19 Task Force is already working on the repatriation flight for May, but no date is made public yet.


Requirements for vessels entering the territory remain in place and no person is allowed to disembark without prior approval of the governor and lieutenant governor. Residents of American Samoa on such vessels are allowed to disembarked, but the residents “will need to comply with instructions from the Department of Health based on medical guidance.”


The new declaration doesn’t provide any specific restrictions on public gatherings and hours of operations for businesses.

It appears that the governor has lifted all restrictions on hours of operations, which in the previous declarations was prohibited between 12 midnight and 5a.m.

Of note: The new declaration states that “nothing in this order affects the authority of village councils to enact regulations imposing curfews or restricting public gatherings pursuant to local law A.S.C.A 5.0305.

Click on attachment below to download this latest declaration