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2024 Election Season in American Samoa

Congresswoman Aumua Amata
Petition Signatures Required For Nov Election Run

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Amata is reminding voters that she remains Aumua Amata on the ballot, as she has for several elections in a row, opting for that rather than an update to her designation, High Chief Uifa'atali.

Amata, in just four days after the forms became available turned in the 300 signatures required for the November 2024 ballot with a total of 500+ signatures. 

She announced last year that she planned to run for reelection as the American Samoa Representative to the U.S. Congress. If re-elected she will be serving her 6th two-year term in office.

Earlier this month Chief Election Officer, Dr Uiagalelei Lealofi, said the early release of these materials is to allow sufficient time for candidates to prepare and file nominating petitions before the deadline, which is 4:30 pm, September 9th.

Petition forms were available on Friday, June 14, and the official deadline for submission is September 1.

"I was able to put my years of experience to work on the election requirements, and the same holds true for my congressional duties," Amata said. "I am fully committed to running a good campaign, and just as serious about serving and representing our people well in Washington DC."

Congress provides additional time in the months ahead for incumbents to be in their home districts. "I look forward to continuing to talk with as many of our people as possible, not just during elections but constantly," she continued.

“Nationally, this is going to be a hard-fought election, with close results and possibly divided government again," Amata concluded. "When the dust settles, I'm well positioned to work with those leaders with another term of seniority and be effective for American Samoa.”

Candidate nomination petitions and materials for the 2024 general election were made available by the Election Office on June 14.


Nomination petitions for candidates in the gubernatorial election must be signed by at least 300 registered voters.

Petitions for the US House of Representatives election also requires the signatures of 300 qualified electors while nominating petition for candidates for the American Samoa House of representatives must have the signatures of at least 25 voters from the district in which the candidate is running.

All petitions have the same deadline to turn them in to the Election Office.

The Election Office is also reminding all uniformed services voters, overseas voters and students studying outside of American Samoa to submit their requests for absentee ballots for the 2024 general election.

Absentee ballots can be requested online at the Election Office website:

Uniformed services voters and overseas voters can also use the Federal Post Card Application to request an absentee ballot. Once completed and certified you can submit your request form via email to: or by postal mail to Election Office, PO Box 3970, Pago Pago American Samoa 96799.

The deadline to request absentee ballots is October 21.