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Tisas Tattoo Festival returns for the 14th year — Tatau Off the Grid

Are you ready!
Source: Tisa’s Tattoo Fest media release

Alega Bay, AMERICAN SAMOA — Tisa’s Tattoo Festival is joining forces with local government Offices of Historic Preservation, Marine and Wildlife and private sector, to elevate Journey of the Tatau and keep Amerika Samoa’s conservation practices alive.

 Tatau Off the Grid, is the theme, of the 14th Annual Tisa’s Tattoo Festival in Alega Bay, at beautiful Eastern Tutuila Island, coastline, on Oct. 26 through Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018.

We are excited to have more partners to join the movement towards green tourism, and low impact economic development for our precious island home. Samoa Visitors Bureau, has been an avid supporter of the Tatau Festival each year. Welcome back to the Green movement and promotion of the Tatau art Festival 2018.

Samoa Amerika’s world renown, traditional, Master Tufuga Ta Tatau, Su’a Wilson Fitiao, and his internationally well-known artist/ wife Reggie Meredith Fitiao, will be on site to exhibit the art of Samoan Tatau, to the public. The dynamic duo, bring a wealth of Siapo and Tatau art information to share with fest goers this year. A fine Arts instructor, at ASCC as well, Meredith-Fitiao will also be bringing her new semester’s class, to showcase their work at the Fest. Each year, ASCC Fine Arts department has been a dedicated partner, in promoting the local arts under leadership of Meredith-Fitiao. Some of their beautiful art is proudly displayed in many public buildings including the recent wall art, at American Samoa Power Authority in Tafuna and the Tradewinds hotel. 

 It was a great accomplishment to revive and promote the Tatau art for over a decade, at Tisa’s Tattoo Fest annual event. However, according to founder Tisa Faamuli, the Samoan Organic Tatau Ink, of our ancestors is now extinct and needs to be revived as well.  In fact, many of traditional arts need help to keep alive, here on Tutuila Island. There is much work to be done, from farming necessary trees for shelter and boat building, food security, and sustainable development. Conservation of our natural resources, and Samoan culture, including the health of our islands and Arts, requires a commitment from the entire community.

World Famous Tisa’s Barefoot Bar continues to be a strong platform to spinoff many new green business ideas, and your support of Tisa’s Tattoo Festival produces positive dialogue, to build Amerika Samoa’s green economic development movement.

“After 13 years of promoting the Tatau Art of the Samoan on Tutuila Island, and worldwide, Tatau Fest organizers are proud to also announce new green partnerships of The Tatau Fest, on board:

Wiz & Reggie Samoan Culture Arts, and Sosaiete, O Stay Green Samoa Amerika Ecotourism, and their members, are prepared to introduce new organic practices and awesome new products, on display for a taste and for sale at the three-day fest.

New partner, Marine and Wildlife Resources, will bring awareness of Ocean and Marine Conservation. Fest goers will learn about history of ancestors, at a demonstration prepared by local Historic Preservation, office, in the great outdoors of Alega Village.

You are invited to join the fun filled fest, educate yourself about the tatau and Samoan culture, get tattooed, and meet green farmers who are dedicated to food security for you. Meet your friends and bring on the cheers for the best of the fest tattoos on island by our local artists. There will be a Photographers Contest at the three- day event. Awards will be presented to the best photographers of Tisa’s Tattoo Festival 2018.

Machine artists will be available by appointment for alternative tattooing methods and modern style tattoo art.

 “Protecting the Pe’a, our resources, culture, land and life” is the mission statement, that defines a long journey of founder Tisa to revive the Tatau art of the Samoan, since it was establishment, in 1993. Green movement is finally upon the horizon, and it is cool again, to be organic, green, and sustainable, in our culture practices and living well as our ancestors did in the last century.

Conservation is well on its way for Samoa Amerika. Meet several local green business owners, on their first leg of the journey to reestablish ancient knowledge of sustainable business development throughout Tutuila Island again.

It will be a relaxing and fun filled weekend — plan for a family outing, learn about Alega Preservation Institute, study animal life thriving at Alega Marine Preserve, and share the joy of receiving your traditional Samoan, Pe’a on stage at the Tattoo Fest.

Celebration of Tatau, offers opportunities, for the public to meet with Tisa, enjoy the famous landmark of Tutuila Island that has the whole world talking, right here at home. New Organic farmers will be on hand to introduce their organic produce for your dining experience. Food, drinks, shelter, chairs and tables and the serenity of World Famous Tisa’s Barefoot Beach Bar environment, is worth the trip to experience the Tatau Art in action, without walls.

Without their annual commitment of Tisa’s Tattoo Festival sponsorship, the road to recovery of the Tatau here in Samoa Amerika, would not have been possible.

Thank you sponsors of Tisas Tattoo Fest.

Tisa’s Tattoo Fest is proudly brought to you by American Samoa’s Visitor’s Bureau and Samoa News.

Contact Tisa at 622-7447 or 731-7100 for more information.