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Support for Black Lives Matter — at home and abroad

Black Lives Matter protest

From Concord, California; Tutuila, American Samoa; to Auckland, New Zealand — Samoa News covered & participated in the Black Lives Matter rallies and protests over the past weeks in support of removing ‘knees from our necks’ through community participation in making changes, not only by speaking out but also respecting each other — who we are — and working to eliminate racism, through community activism.

FROM AMERICAN SAMOA #AmericanSamoa ForBlackLivesMatter

A group of people gathered in the territory last Saturday morning to walk from Fatu ma Futi to Utulei Beach in an effort to show their support for the Black Lives Matter Movement & resulting protests against racism that are taking place all around the world.

A representative of the group told Samoa News that conducting this peaceful demonstration in the territory is a true sign of support to show the world that they care about other people and they want to speak out about things that matter in life. [photos: AF]



Tonight, the fires of

revolution continue

to burn across cities 

on the asphalt where 

the blood of another black

man; George Floyd is

freshly caked under

a wounded Moon

Grieving stars fall into

the mouths of

ordinary wo(men) whose

demands for justice are 

met by a deaf
toned President shame

lessly holding

a bible before

a church after call

ing governors 

weak jerks who must 


with aggression

and violence

spurring the virus 

of hate across

a nation where the colored 

and the other are moving

targets asphyxiated under 

history´s brutal boots 

--to serve and protect

(ap photo)

And the wounded Moon looks 

down from the heavens

Her sorrow an

imprint on the rage

and the fury

and the tears

and the cries


above the tear gas

above the sirens
End! This! Now!