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Miss Pacific 2024 preliminary events underway in Nauru

Miss Pacific 2024 contestants

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Miss American Samoa will be Contestant # 1 when the Miss Pacific 2024 pageant takes place this weekend, Feb. 3 & 4 in Nauru.

The contestants attended a briefing at the Menen hotel earlier this week where the pageant preliminaries are underway on the island of Nauru. The seven Pacific beauties drew lots for their order of appearance and also received their topics for the interview portion of the event.

Here is their order of appearance:

Contestant #1: Miss American Samoa

Contestant #2: Miss Tonga

Contestant #3: Miss Palau

Contestant #4: Miss Nauru

Contestant #5: Miss Papa New Guinea

Contestant #6: Miss Marshall Islands

Contestant #7: Miss Samoa

Contestant topics for the interview:

1. Miss American Samoa - Culture

2. Miss Tonga - Education

3. Miss Palau - Environment

4. Miss Nauru - Health

5. Miss Papa New Guinea - Gender Equality

6. Miss Marshall Islands - Technology

7. Miss Samoa - Tourism

All the best to the teams and delegations from the respective nations and especially to our Miss American Samoa 2024 Judy Faafetai Taunu'u.