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American Samoa loses Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde

Fagafaga emceeing an Arts Council event in 2010.

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde — a well-known community member of American Samoa — passed away Saturday evening, May 18, 2019 in Coronado, Calif., where he was staying with his daughter and family due to health issues.

He was 61.

Fagafaga is remembered as a man of many talents. He was a well-known businessman who also had years of service as a politician. He dedicated many years of his life to community service, and many who did not know him personally, knew him from television as he is often referred to as the best emcee in American Samoa, and a host with amazing vocals. He was an entertainer and a favorite local musician.

More recently, Fagafaga, with his extensive communications background, is credited (while holding the position of director of the Office of Public Information, from 2013 – 2016 in the Lolo & Lemanu Administration) for turning the government’s television station into a modern facility, and attracting a young staff with experience in graphics, and program production to the KVZK studios.

In 2017 and until his passing, he was responsible for press duties at the Governor’s Office on behalf of the governor.

Fagafaga began his career in the media and public affairs 29 years ago, as general manager of then Radio Samoa- WVUV. He was the first general manager of Bluesky Communications.

He was also co-chair of the highly successful 10th Festival of Pacific Arts, which was hosted by American Samoa in 2008 and was the chairman of the Samoana Jazz and Arts Festival of American Samoa, from 2013 until his passing.

His life cannot be celebrated without noting that most important to Fagafaga was his family. He worked tirelessly to support his family in all aspects. He was a loving husband, father of eight, and grandfather of 24. 

He was Fagafaga to the rest of the world and “Papa-dad” to his children, grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews; devoting his time and affection on not only his own children, but his extended family and friends. 

Fagafaga recently lost his beloved wife, Sevenlittlesisters Aveina of Matu’u, on January 18th of this year, after 44 years of marriage.

They are survived by children: Marcus Peter Langkilde II (Elsie), Danielle Malala (Jake), Trisha Langkilde (Nick), Christine Molina (Toamua), Naidene Lutu (Fusiuta), Marie Langkilde, Rosary Iusi (Apela) , and Daniel Aveina Langkilde.

Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde with his wife Sevenlittlesisters and (seated behind them) their sons Marcus and Daniel at the Democratic Convention in August 2016. Fagafaga was one of the five super-delegates to the Convention from American Samoa. He passed away last Saturday evening, May 18, 2019 in California, where he was staying with his daughter and family, due to health issues. His wife had passed away earlier this year on Jan. 18 [SN file photo]

Fagafaga is survived by his siblings Marlene, Teuila, Angela and Martin.

Our condolences go out to the family in these sad times.