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Teachers and ASDOE admin marching during Workforce Day 2019
Taimua mai le laina o le solo fa’aaloalo a le aufaigaluega uma a le malo ina ua pasi le vasega o leoleo, o le Matagaluega o A’oga ma le latou ta’ita’i le fa’atonusili Dr Ruth Matagi Tofiga. [ata: Gov’s Office]
Young dancers
O se va’aiga i le vaega laiti o i latou na fa’atinoa le Laumei ma le Malie. O i latou nei sa a’oa’oina fa’apitoa e le Pacific Islands Production ma sa faia le latou fa’atinoga lea o le Laumei ma le Malie i le ASCC MPC i le aso To’ona’i na te’a nei. [ata: foa’i]
ASTCA employees at ASG Workforce Day
Employees of the American Samoa TeleCommunications Authority (ASTCA) at last week’s 2019 ASG Workforce Day, hosted at the Fagatogo Pavilion. [photo: courtesy]
 [l-r back row]: #5 Rae Sapiga (setter, 5’7”); #11 Sarah Tuioti-Mariner (outside/opposite side hitter, 5’10”); and #7 Adriana Puni (outside/opposite side hitter, 5’9”) [l-r front] #19 Fofoga Luamanuvae (outside hitter, 5’8”); and #3 Qitana Sapiga (setter, 5’5”)
Samoan female volleyball players currently enrolled at Eastern New Mexico University, Home of the Greyhounds. [l-r back row]: #5 Rae Sapiga (setter, 5’7”); #11 Sarah Tuioti-Mariner (outside/opposite side hitter, 5’10”); and #7 Adriana Puni (outside/opposite side hitter, 5’9”) [l-r front] #19 Fofoga...
The new extension to the Jean P. Haydon Museum
One of the three government projects dedicated Thursday morning was the Jean P. Haydon Museum, which is undergoing renovations to the existing building and now also has a brand new extension. The new building extension — which took two years to complete — was constructed by the Dept. of Public...
ASG Shipyard Service Authority chief executive officer, Moefa’auo Bill Emmsley (4th from left ) pictured with the shipyard crew, in front of the Fagatogo Pavilion yesterday morning. The Shipyard staff manufactured and produced the two new fl ag poles — and also installed them — in front of the...
Primo Builders Girls Volleyball Team
Primo Builders Girls Volleyball Team, who have been the reigning champions for three consecutive years, now defending its title this season during the Filipino Volleyball Sports League. They won their first game this past Sunday against Team Pacific Girls. [photo: courtesy]
Young people of Fagaalu village in a group photo
Young people of Fagaalu village are spending the last days of summer building friendships through sporting competitions and youth activities. The new academic year for the DOE public schools is next Tuesday, Sept. 3rd. [photo: courtesy]
3 Environmental Services Division staff members
Staff members of the Department of Health’s Environmental Services Division smiling for Samoa News last Friday, before the start of the governor’s cabinet meeting at the Tafuna Elementary School gym. The DOH staffers represent the division conducting inspections of public and private schools before...
UH Junior Center, Taaga Tuulima, makes critical line calls to in the 2nd Quarter of Hawaii’s season opener..  The University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors defeated the Arizona Wildcats 45-38 at Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, Hawaii, 8/24/19. [Photo by Barry Markowitz]